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A monster turns off the sun in the forest and the animals suffer from the lack of food and water. But a magical dragon saves the day and turns the sun back on and the animals befriend the crying monster by making him a huge sun hat so the monster won’t turn to dust if the sunlight hits him. The monster discovers the wonders of the forest and his new found friends.

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One beautiful day

It was becoming a beautiful day in the forest. The sun was beginning to shine brightly. The animals were so excited about this beautiful sunny day. JERRY the giraffe was enjoying eating the leaves off the trees, HARRY the hippo was swimming in his favorite swimming hole. IGGY the iguana was stretching our on a tree branch relaxing. LEO the lion was sleeping under a big shade tree while TIGGY the tiger was eating a delicious breakfast. All the animals were enjoying the glorious sunny day. There were other animals enjoying this most beautiful. day including Rachel the rabbit, Ellen the elephant, Luca the crocodile and Nicole the snake.

BUT, while they were happy they were sure to stay away from DRAGGY the dragon and the purple blob known as the purple monster.

But the purple blob monster hated the sun so much because if he got caught in the sunlight he would turn to dust and blow away.

He just had to find a way to turn off the sun FOREVER!!!!!!!

He tried all kinds of ways to turn off the sun and then finally came up with an idea! "I know, he said I'll create a switch like the kind that turns the lights on and off in people's houses and turn off the sun"!

He finally finished making his switch and while all the animals were enjoying the beautiful sunny day, all of a sudden


"Oh no" said Jerry the giraffe what has happened to the sun! Harry the hippo said "its not nighttime yet so what has happened! All the animals were worried and afraid.

The purple monster blob was laughing and thinking to himself "I'll never have to worry about the sun ever shining on me! I will never turn to dust EVER!!!!!

There wasn't any sun that day or for many many more days to come! The leaves on the tree dried up and fell and Jerry the giraffe had no food to eat! The water in the swimming pond dried up and Harry the hippo had no place to swim and play.

All the animals suffered! They all missed the sun so much that they didn't want to play and had no food to eat. The trees started to turn brown and there were no carrots for Rachel the rabbit and Ellen the elephant had no water to drink. Then all the animals got together and tried to come up with a plan to turn the sun back on but there wasn't anything they could do.

They never understood how much he sun meant until it was gone!

Then one day Draggie the dragon came to talk to all the animals. At first they all hid from Draggie because they were afraid of him but he said "I don't want to scare you I want to help you"! Little by little the animals came out from their hiding places and sat in front of Draggie. "How can you help us asked Iggy the iguana"? Well, said

Draggie, I am a magical dragon and can make myself very very small. "How is that going to help asked Leo the lion"?

"Yeah said Tiggy the tiger, the purple monster is in his nest right next to the light switch that will turn the sun back on and if any of us get near him, he will wake up and cover us with his purple slime and we will never be seen again"!

That is where I can help said Draggie. "You see I can shrink myself with my magical powers as small as a fly"!

All the animals got so excited! "Does this mean you can fly up to his nest and turn the sun back on without waking him up, they asked? "I believe I can said Draggie"! Please Please help us they all cried. We are sorry we were afraid of you. We never thought you were our friend. "I know because I'm big and scary looking that's why you would be afraid of me but now you see I want to be your friend.

They all waited for the right time when the purple monster was asleep and then

Draggie started to twist and turn so fast that in just a few minutes he was as small as a fly! He then flew up to the monsters nest and flew around a few times to make sure he was asleep. When the time was right he flew right over the monster and found the light switch and turned it on! All of a sudden the sun started to come out and peek through the clouds and the daylight was finally back! The monster woke up and yelled "who turned on the sun"? The monster was very angry! All the animals waited for Draggy to return back to them and turn himself back into a regular dragon. It felt like it took Draggy forever to return but he finally came back and started to twist and turn until he became a normal size dragon again!

"What happened asked Tiggy the tiger"? Draggy said jumping up and down with excitement saying "I did it'! "I turned the sun back on"! Then the all the animals asked "what happened to the purple blob monster"? "Well," said Draggy "the purple monster began to cry because he was afraid of turning into dust". So, the animals got together and had an idea. They collected leaves, twigs, and a flower and made a huge sun hat. They gave the hat to Draggy and he fly up to the purple monsters nest to deliver the hat.

"Hi there purple monster" Draggy said "you don't have to cry anymore!". Draggy handed the sun hat to the purple monster, who sniffled and tried it on. "Oh this is perfect!" said the purple monster "It keeps me safe from the sunshine! I would love to see the forest!"

Draggy then scooped up the purple monster and brought him to the forest to see all the animals. The purple monster looked at all the fun the animals were having and said"I'm sorry I turned off the sun, can you ever forgive me?"

"Of course!" said the animals "Let's play"

All the animals started jumping for joy! The sun was back and they made a new friend!

Jerry the giraffe started eating the leaves off the trees again and Leo the lion was able to nap under the shade tree and Harry the hippo was once again swimming in his pond and the rest of the animals were able to eat again and play again and thanks to Draggy the dragon they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

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The End

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