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some days I feel broken, some days I feel fixed, with so much to deal with, but not willing to accept my vulnerability, I use writing as a form of therapy. so join me in therapy I promise it won't be boring

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Rock Bottom

Last night I woke up feeling disappointed in myself,

I have worked so hard over the past few months,

Made progress and vowed never to go back,

But yesterday I relapsed.

One minute I was doing okay then the next I was not,

I tried so hard to fight it but I just kept falling and falling until I hit rock bottom

I said it was fine,

Because it's okay to fall sometimes

So, I tried standing only to realise that I was stuck on the ground,

my legs and arms had failed me,

I couldn't move, couldn't shout for help either

Because I was ashamed of myself

and I couldn't bear to have someone look at me in the state that I was in.

It was then and there that I realised what I had done,

oh, the disgust I felt,

So I hated myself.

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