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Rana pratap and battle if haldighati

Rana Pratap is the famous warrior king of Mewar. Rana, 7.5 feet tall and strong, is walking in the room of his palace, thinking about something. Suddenly the gatekeeper comes and informs Maharana that Raja Mansingh has brought Akbar's message. Rana nods and allows. Mansingh comes in. Man Singh ---- My salutations to Rana ji. Rana ---- Regards. You are welcome. Tell me how did you come? Man Singh ---- Rana My master Akbar has sent you a message through me that you should accept my submission. Otherwise Chittor Fortwill be matted. Rana ---- O Kshatriya clan - stigma, O foreigner Akbar's slave, Mansingh speak with your mouth. Otherwise I will forget that you are an angel. Mansingh ---- what will you do, Rana? Now the time has changed. Most of the kings and armies are on our side. We can destroy Chittor in minutes. Rana (Rana's hand goes to the hilt of his huge sword. As if he wants to draw the sword. But after thinking something, he stops.) ---- O jackal like you in Kulangar Mansingh do not lookI want Go tell that jackal Akbar, now I will meet him in the battlefield itself. Mansingh (Mansingh gets nervous.) ---- Rana you are in vain angry. Accept Akbar's submission. Akbar will give you money, status and everything. He will also make you the Subedar of the whole of Rajasthan. Rana ---- True Kshatriyas understand their motherland more than wealth and position. We will one day uproot the power of foreign Mughals from our dear India. Telling Akbar A lion never bows its head in front of a jackal. no matter how many jackalsWhy not be more? Mansingh (Mansingh gets nervous and urinates in his pajamas in fear. But pretends to be fearless from outside.) ---- Well the proud Rana will now meet in the battle field. (And frightened, he quickly runs away from there. While running, he keeps looking at Rana in fear again and again.) part 2 of Haldighati Scene Akbar led a huge army under the leadership of his son Salim and traitor Man Singh to attack Mewar.A has been sent. The army is advancing by setting fire to the villages adjacent to Mewar, killing innocent rural women, men, old people, children. Some village brave men and women are facing attacks while defending themselves with hoe, sickle, ax etc. These brave men and women have killed one-fourth of the Mughal army. The pajamas of the Mughal soldiers became wet with fear. Mansingh ---- Do not be afraid my brave soldiers. The victory will be ours. A soldier ---- the army of a jackal commander like you killed the dogWill go Mansingh - Shut up. Fear me I am your commander. Second soldier - You yourself are hiding behind. You will be saved Will make us die Mansingh ---- Don't worry soldiers. Our army is many times more than the army of Mewar. We will win. Third soldier ---- Lion kills many jackals at once. Because of the fear of Rana, Akbar himself did not come here. sent us to die. Many of our soldiers were killed by the unarmed villagers. I don't know what will happen when I encounter Rana. Mansingh ---- we areShe will win We are outnumbered and we also have Akbar's dreaded 7.5 feet warrior butcher. Only he will fight with Rana. Let's go ahead. All the bloodthirsty monsters move on. Rana is watching the enemy's huge army from a high peak. The neighboring king, who is jealous of Rana, is happy that now Rana's troubles will end. Rana ---- Commander Our army is small. The enemy's army is many times more than our army. Senapati ---- Maharaj a single lion drives away thousands of jackals. Durga (of women and children)Army Commander) ---- Rana, don't you worry. We women alone will kill the demon's army. Rana ---- Goddess Durga. I was pleased Your bravery is admirable. You should strike these demons with arrows with your female army. We will attack men with swords. Durga ---- as ordered by Maharana. The women's army makes a terrible attack on the Mughals with arrows. Some female warriors are also killed by the cannons of the Mughals. Rana ---- This jewel of yours is the praise of brave Kshatriyas. (self-consciousSitting on A, move forward at a fast pace.) Rana kills thousands of demons in a fierce battle. Suddenly Salim appears on his elephant in front. Maharana throws his spear at Salim. A timid Salim clings to the elephant's back. The spear, making a terrifying sound of tingling above Salim's head, pierces the 10 Mughals standing behind the elephant and pierces the ground. Akbar's dreaded demon-like butcher comes forward. Butcher ---- Rana I have killed many innocent people with my sword. today i will kill you in one shotGive. Rana (Remembering God and the country of India.) ----- Take the evil demon Mera Yeh Vaar Sambalo (Strife the butcher with his huge sword. The butcher splits his horse into two pieces in a single blow. ) A stampede breaks out in the Mughal army. All the evil Mughals start running away. There is a loud slogan Jai Bharat, Jai Chittor, Jai Maharana.

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To be continued...

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