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One Way Street

I don't have to prove it to anybody not even you

That I love you, it doest not matter whether you

Are even aware, care or not or even realise

That it is you I mean you and nobody else

That I am referring to and pointing at

You may be a pampered wife or spoilt brat

A dear darling I miss, crave and I yearn for

A part of my dream, scheme or beyond

Though I don't have to go around beating a drum

And keep shouting at the top of my voice

That I do love you but I do love you

Let me reiterate reinforce and be a bit hoarse

That I do so and of course without any force

In essence with no offence to anybody

I love you for my own reasons or without one

Does not diminish in anyway your relevance

In my life in essence though I have nothing

In my defence if you think otherwise to justify

Neither do I intend to clarify or say anything

In my defence and hence neither do I pretend

As a result I present here myself to be crucified

Denied, derided defied or as decided

Aug. 8, 2021, 11:11 a.m. 0 Report Embed Follow story
To be continued...

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