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*This story will depict occasional violence and possibly triggering scenes, read with discretion* Luca lived an uncomplicated life as a farmer with his loving Aunt, Uncle and cousins, when a sudden discovery threatens to change everything he knows and alter his goals and dreams. Ripped away from his freedom and his family, Luca tries to navigate a new world full of violence, politics, magic and war. Learning a secret that is likely to change everything, will Luca be able to survive in this cold and cruel world and forge a new path while trying to remain optimistic for himself and those around him as he refuses to let his new life break him and those he loves.

Fantasy Dark Fantasy Not for children under 13.
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riar Glen was not a large town, but neither was it a small town. It lay to the west of Albion’s capital, Silkcoast City.

Far enough away that it took several days travel by horse and cart to get there, but close enough that trading between Briar Glen and the City was a relatively simple venture and Briar Glen appreciated a comfortable and lucrative position for a farming village, not having to suffer much during the winter months like so many other towns in Albion.

It was the town that Luca had called home since as long as he could remember. He knew from what his Uncle had told him, that he had originally been born in a smaller town closer to the Albion Mountains, but when his parents had passed, his Uncle had come and collected him and Luca had made Briar Glen home ever since.

He didn’t remember much about his parents, just fleeting memories of his Mother’s smile, his Father’s hand ruffling his hair… but he had been young and children of young age are often quick to adapt and he had forgotten most of what life had been like before.

His Aunt and Uncle were farmers, it was hard work but between his Uncle, himself and his two cousins Dylan and Gregory they had done rather well for themselves.

This left them able to afford a humble but comfortable house with a small foreroom graced with stove and dinner table, a room for himself and his cousins and a room for his Aunt and Uncle, an almost unheard of luxury for many farmers around Albion who were more used to a single room dwelling.

They never went hungry and the home was always full of laughter, conversation and music.

Luca had a lot to thank his Aunt and Uncle for, but even though they loved him and treated him well, he couldn’t help but feel like an imposter sometimes, as though he was an added burden who needed to earn his place through more than someone who had the luxury of being born into the family.

Because of this Luca dedicated himself to the work, never complaining and always happy to help. He was well loved by everyone in the village and his dream was no more than to one day marry, have his own family and create a living from the land.

But Luca was about to realise something that would change everything, all of Luca’s hopes and dreams could shattered and life as he knew it would be altered forever.

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