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Your Very Desire

His presence felt like that of a Raven, his dark black eyes stared at me as I looked at him while hearing whips, moans, orgasms. I looked through a woman with a red ball in her mouth chained on all fours. The woman continued moaning as a man and woman with paddles, and gentle caresses as she felt the cool touch of the wood hit against her bare mahogany ass as she closed her eyes, then another came and another. I should have known better than to be here but lately I haven’t been getting what I needed from my boyfriend so why not come to the best place to have a sense of relief. The mysterious man with a dark black hair with that of black eyes.

He watched as nibbled on the lower part of my bottom lip then motioned for the man to come here. Just the thought of this man’s lips between my thighs, and his cool fingertips upon my neck. The very thought of it made my legs begin to feel weak and pussy yearning, aching for the touch of a man.

The man walked closer towards me and everything I had seen from afar had been right here in full view. This man’s sharp jawline, unbuttoned suit jacket revealing his maroon shirt with matching shoes complimented his 6’2 exterior, his slender muscular frame, great physique with pearly white teeth.

“What is your thoughts on DESIRE?” He spoke before I could even begin to utter a mumbling word I seen the lights dim from a beautiful fluorescent white to the Scarlett shades of red.

«Why must it be red? Clearly the ultimate signs of undeniable seduction.» I stated silently inside of my mind as it began to wonder off.

I feel as though desire is a spiritual thing, some thing of it as physical.

He watched as my mouth curled in a smile and my maturity spoke volumes within my eloquence in wanting more than just mental capability of desire.

I wanted more and within that moment I wanted to give him more to look forward to than just casual conversational rendezvous.

I looked at him as my tongue licked my bottom lip tasting the decadent tastes of Tequila and Vodka surely those three glasses were enough to make me feel what I am feeling now-dizzy.

My lips collided with his, he cupped my face with his as I moaned his arms wrapped around my body and pulling me closer the sounds of moans and shrieks truly clouded my drunkenness.

My hands went upward from his neck to his hair while moans escaped my lips while this man devoured my neck, my eyes started to roll back as the moans grew louder hiking up my dress.

I torn his jacket from his body and before long the moans and screams ceased while kissing down his chest and at the very last I revealed his chiseled, sculpted with a distinct birthmark upon his lower abdomen. I grabbed his Armani belt buckle and started to unbuckle while he groaned. His hands roamed around my breasts while ripping my dress in half as his mouth flicked against my breasts.

(You feel so good within the palm of my hands) he spoke as I felt his cock press against my inner thigh. He Suckles on my breasts fondling one over another with great intensity and rawness that has never been felt.

His fingers deep within my aching pussy as my walls clenched around my fingers while he moved them in a circular motion. (Fuck) I moaned as he teased, sucked on my breasts giving me hickies, marks, scratches all upon my body.

I needed his cock within me to have this moment of on the edge fortitude I had never experienced before.

Unzipping his pants as I pulled them down and briefs as well, I took his hard cock out while admiring his vein, pink flesh and looked at the foreskin of his cock while my small hands took his cock beginning to stroke it with juices flowing out of me from anticipation as he kept moving his fingers deep inside me.

His groans turned to moans as I took his cock inside my mouth and stroked faster moaning. I lathered his cock with my saliva, then I laid him down on one of the pods within the room as he looked admired my body as I unzipped my dress letting it fall along with my soaked panties.

Wasting no time I slid myself down on his cock biting my lip as moans escaped my mouth while his girth clasped around my tight walls.

He could do nothing but moan while holding my voluptuous curvy waist he needed no guidance from me as I rode him harder wanting to savour ever moment of this night.

With my hands on his bare chest as my nails dug deeper I became all too consumed with this word called desire as I felt myself getting lost in it.

I felt his cock plunge deeper into my cervix as I screamed. I just sat there for what felt like hours as we both looked at each other not mumbling a single word as we exhaled deeply and cum squinted within me as I felt myself coming off of this never ending high. Finally opening my eyes I looked at the man as he said something but the multitide of desire clearly clouded my judgement.I loved the sensation his cock gave me as I came down from this feeling.

“Wanna go back to my place?” I looked at him we both smiled.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. He smiled.

“My name is James”, I smiled as I told him mine Atalia

The need for balance and control when I felt like a bird let out of its cage, true woman of my very own.

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To be continued...

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