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Mythological Fantasy inspired by the video game, Skyrim, J.R.R. Tolkien's - The Hobbit & L.O.T.R. & Iron Maiden's song, 'Flash Of The Blade'. All Characters and Names are fictional and Original. Book 2 in the Trilogy.

Fantasy Epic All public. © © Michael W. Taylor

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The Beginning & The Qi

Pt. 1 - The Beginning of All Things.

In the Beginning, before the


There was nothing. But, in the

nothing was something.

Something that existed with the

nothing, laying dormant.

Unknown. Unfound. Untouched.


It happened. An awakening of

Energy. It knew. It's will would

create the fabric of time and set

Matter into place.

According to intricate design.

Mathematical precision and

Formula. A new Law for the

Cosmos. A profound nonstop

evolution of life.

The deepest understanding of

All things. Air, Water, Earth, Fire,

Ice, Life and Death itself would be

in harmony with it's counterparts.

The something that opposed the

Nothing. It's name for all to see.

The soul essence of everything,

Henceforth shall be named, Qi.

Tiny particles of energy, both

Of light and darkness.

Brought together in perfect

balance. This is where the heart is.

It's essence is of that which

Existed, but was not yet aware.

Now it's hurling stars around,

Creating galaxys everywhere.

Watchers of both time and

space, A special creation.

Created with eyes and face,

to witness what's been done.

Wings to defy certain laws,

and power in it's voice.

Everything that shares the Qi,

Must have it's own free choice.

It's tail has authority to

govern the stars...

It's claws shred the fabric

Of time.

It's wisdom will be in it's heart,

Intelligence in it's mind.

There shall be other living beings,

A species so devine.

As well as other celestial things,

That mankind shall not bind.

As it is, So shall it be, that Life

had awakened then.

Once it is, It never shall see,

The knowledge of an end.

Drēván will be the dimensional

place, Even Dragons need a home.

To keep watch over all things

t'were made, and all things to be


To Be Continued...

Pt. 2 - The Responsibility Of Forever

Order must be the formula,

Or Chaos and destruction reign.

What was once separated,

Must be made whole again.

If there is disturbance in the

Qi's harmonic flow.

Disorder and disfunction

are the results that will show.

All action has reaction, the

consequences of free will.

Maintains it's satisfaction,

In the choices we fulfill.

To be everywhere at once,

and a part of everything.

To see beyond the boundaries.

To know even things unseen.

To be the cause that brings

the universe into exposing light.

Depart the silent darkness, with

Burning balls that light the night.

Ultimately responsible for all

that is known and has been made.

But with responsibility, there

are things that are forbade.

This law was placed into the

fabric of all the things that are.

From the sun, to a planet's moon,

To the farthest galactic star.

If a fraction of the equation

was to accidentally get missed.

Everything throughout the

universe would cease to exist.

Creating a fragile balance

between life and physical death.

The pendulum of time, ticks

by with every creatures breath.

Establishing a back door for their

movement throughout space.

Incorporating wisdom in the

Watchers of the Human Race.

Keepers of forbidden magic,

Boundaries set for man.

Loyal to the Creator's cause,

the Justice that it demands.

An infinite existence for the

watchers of worlds.

The celestial witness to a

Universe unfurled.

The Dragon's authority it doth

Proclaim. It's watchers in the sky.

What can stop the Dragon's reign,

If their power goes awry.

To Be Continued...

Pt. 3 - The Rebellion

After all has been established,

Set in place, and all been done.

More species were created, To

acknowledge and serve the One.

Ranks of celestial entities to

monitor and manage laws applied.

Forever bound to the symbient

energy we all have deep inside.

Hosts of Glorious beings to

forever sing and praise It's name.

It went on for centuries until a

Dragon fell, for lust of fame.

The Earth had been the birth place

of the Creator's greatest pride.

It looked upon the Earthling's face,

The way a husband sees his bride.

The constant admiration of this

created mortal lesser being.

Jealousy and envy birthed an

Evil in the Dragon, Drãgùeine.

It's thoughts begin to form a plot

Against the One that made all things.

It's what he sought, caused his

heart to rot, brought darkness to

Human Beings.

A time of pain and suffering,

Like never was seen before.

No one knew what misery,

Was crouched outside their door.

Early civilizations had become

the treasure of planet, Earth.

But rust will soon destroy if

not appreciated for it's worth.

Vanity and greed became the

Offspring of the Dragon's evil.

A perverted seed, within the

Dragon's heart did start to grow.

Soon, it was withdrawn from the

decisions made by Dragon peers.

His face became distorted...

His speech, replaced by evil jeers.

It soon was known by the Dragon's

Council, Drãgùeine had turned.

Addressed the One, the Creator

of all, This Council's real concern.

No place in the Heavens can

there be for rebellious war.

The Dragon was bound, then

cast out, The start of Dragon Wars.

The Dragon, now a symbol

of destructions evil plan.

This one, Drãgùeine is now

the enemy of man.

To Be Continued...

Pt. 4 - Drēván Devided

Corruption starts out small,

But spreads just like a fire.

Those that are affected, fall.

Victims of the King of Liars.

Tricky and manipulating,

Instigating a rebelious soul.

Guilty of participating,

and filling a Usurper's roll.

The darkness that had grown,

within Drãgùeine's heart.

The result of dark particles,

Not staying apart.

Energy is harmless, when

left to it's natural state.

When harvested... Assembled,

It no longer stays innate.

Power starts to build around

the place where it is drawn.

It's there, where Magic plays,

Until the energy's power is gone.

The difference in the power,

Depends on dark and light.

Trusting those that live by day,

Fearing shadows in the night.

Lesser Dragons did the bidding,

Of the Council's many needs.

Smaller in size, weaker in will,

A variety of specific breeds.

Some were servants of the

Council, some enforce the Law.

Others had the task of

Keeping balance to it all.

The chosen of these lesser

Dragon's given elemental rule.

Watchers of both fire and

Ice, life, death and darkness too.

Influence was made upon the

Thoughts of weaker minds.

Soon, a large part of Drēván,

Was showing ominous signs.

The planet, now infested with

A darkness so corrupt.

The Council's home was hemorr-

haging, Volcano's to erupt.

If not for a magic, so unique,

and so devine.

The Dragon Council's home world.

There'd be nothing left to find.

A war had just begun.

Hand Drēván over, their demand.

To undo It's Creation.

And forever destroy the soul of man.

To Be Continued...

Pt. 5 - Cast out of Eternity

The awakening of evil,

Wanting power for oneself.

Trading things we cannot see,

For fame, control and wealth.

Obsessed with that which to

obtain, no matter what the cost.

To be the cause of suffering,

The inner moral voice is lost.

The darkness permeates and

eats the essence of It's light.

Innocence becomes the prey,

To things that hunt at night.

The very nature of existence,

Threatened by disruption.

To not know what the reason is,

for chaos and destruction.

Sudden revelation that the

Darkness eats at what is made.

The resulting devastation, of the

darkned magic, T'was forbade.

Eternal opposition in the

essences of energy.

A nonstop constant battle for

position in the galaxy.

Balance must be always kept,

The Scale Keeper cannot stray.

If it was to lose it's function,

Darkness would take light away.

The gates of the Heavens,

They hath tore down.

There's the blood of the

Innocent, staining the ground.

Woe to Mankind, for the

Dragon's rage is death.

Cast out from the vine,

The Curse is in his breath.

The Dragon Council summoned,

To the Creator of light and time.

With a special combination of

power, the darkness was confined.

Drãgùeine was bound, and

held. A decision had been made.

A punishment for this mutiny,

A penance must be paid.

Eternity is grafted in the

Dragon's magical heart.

Without it, the dark energy,

Slowly tears a life force apart.

What was once to live forever,

Has fallen from It's grace.

No more way to hide the evil,

On the Dragon's face.

Reduced down to the lifespan

Of his lesser cousin wyvern.

At the end of kilo annum,

Death is the payment earned.

Dragon's falling from the sky,

for every eye to see.

What's this mean for you or I,

Mankind's deadly enemy.

To Be Continued...

Pt. 6 - Earth, A Prison

For every action, there is reaction,

The start of a chain of events.

Every movement ever made,

Is momentum for time to exist.

The constant ever flowing river

of life and energy.

Is the essence of the heart and

Soul and it's all because of Qi.

When darkness starts to make

up the very essence of a being.

The heart will die, the soul is

lost, we lose eternity.

Drãgùeine was cursed to live

as mortal species do.

The lifespan of the Wyvern,

was now his lifespan too.

A spell was placed upon the

evil heart of Drãgùeine.

Removed, then encased in some-

thing Humans have never seen.

The first of many objects seen

by men to hit the ground.

The Age of Dragons Falling,

Makes for Legends to confound.

The heart of Drãgùeine had been

frozen, but not like ice.

A special spell of cryogenics,

and ancient words spoke twice.

Cast out using a magical force

that buried it at the core.

A power that should not be

used, and never will be anymore.

Unaccessible to the most

Intelligent of all beings.

To ensure the final penance,

Of the Dragon, Drãgùeine.

The lesser Dragons that fell

with him, will rot into the earth.

Never to be whole again, to

be stripped of all their worth.

Death is not an option for

the One who knows no lie.

For every event, there's conse-

quence, the reason that we die.

The hourglass has started,

Time will lose it's sand.

The ebb and flow of life and death.

A beginning and an end.

To Be Continued...

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