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"The designer's world of the fashion, the Material girl went wild rumors in Germany. Like a can of worms, D for Designer, a war in Normandy. What D-DAY! Designer Wine twist, heads off unsuitable places for a maiden's head, we should be knocking someone off their feet across the gulf not sure who to trust someone waiting on the other side? I certainly got blood on my dress that book of a spanking. Bruised body covered in my closet who's the smart ass what designer would have someone's head hanged. Was this supposed to be my season of good fortune telling? So SEASONAL screw-up destroying silk work of art fabric? Hollywood plastic surgeon but she wasn't like any virgin. Love sectional designer sofa body in lace relaxing two heads felt slashed headset red-hot live first die pretty."

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Chapter 1 ♥ Best Kept Vampires ♥


What a ferocious world this takes us to a place unknown existence two faces of a mistress bloody shamefulness. Bullets of regrets, espionage plots

Bodies waves of revulsion sweeping your body in another world you wake up like a flamingo blind-folded. Your eyes wanting to escape, but you’re held in someone else’s web. You’re begging you scream Mercy –mercy why I “is someone out there” ‘Help me’ they are going to scalp me…. This is real I am being stalked not a fun game full moon danger zone. They picked me the Chosen-one bloody- wicked transformation. Two loves sacrificial to find the answers. He’s from the other side dark stained glass shattering window. That 3-D Showing deeply wounded number tattoo his world of espionage. They had all codes to detect when things went wrong how the other world got powerless they thrived on human’s blood-brother of flesh. No time to be in human state international over the limit stocks and bonds every new moon of a rate world of five senses. Are we all made of the same stuff? She knew the answers new dark-age not exactly her curtain call.

That Fatal Femme they called her shooting because she always knew the right moves what a force how they entered in her 3-d screen. They felt magnetically attached.

Betrayal love mapped into his webs of desire. Fatal-Femme-shooting she had a different identity. Star moment of spiritual-growth film rolling. She was the hit-woman three wrong shots like a fallen Raven revolution.


A few strands of her hair messed up falling, she felt someone waiting out there. She was the victim haunting music pulsing at her throat she got popped. It was a hot humid smoked up day. Looking out her window it needed a change of art-work. She saw his face coming at her threatened by him coming out of the mirror face to face. Rock danger of ricochet she needed to slip a note to the detective no one believed her story. The police officer thought she was so paranoid and he told her husband there was this woman that called the Police force so many times crying Wolf!! She got her bloody artist hands trying to keep steady Feeling ready to pop another pill .Or revealing more secrets like she was the straight jacket woman of triple-sex planet. They took her away half painted wall of her multiple personalities. …. She needed to get out of the dark and come into the white light Miss Crawford. But this is the world of Vampires. 

She ended up in a Dark-shadow web. This woman Angelic trying to be the Goddess but her evil pick of friends were Witches of a harem, getting the sick patients like they were experiments making them into world of vampires sucking blood mental house. She knew too well through her body what was going on in this world love web of a tangle you felt like the woman through master bed chamber being brutalized by King of the reign Xavier. Web of pain Fatal-Femme you got brainwashed into hidden reservoirs lost desire no breast to breast stroking. He’s from the underworld she felt and was talking with rage please help me Please God I know you will help me and my family. Smells bad taste of skunk, Cooked up in his smoking. Her husband didn’t believe a word of what she was feeling. As if she was on this other planet far from reality no one understanding how much danger she got herself into, she couldn’t open up to her friends they would thing she was far-fetched mind so exaggerating. she got in a bloody puddle slipping up eating up his body-hot bun of a burger.

She-devil Cat woman and he were crazy cab driver running over her body. Feeling burglarized flaming eyes went higher than she could suck his eyeball out!! Anxiously and finicky nervous eye on him two spies looking like traveler’s but when you come down from reality when things hit you stronger than his savage sound of voice rhythm. She felt he was Peter took a falling Paul and she was Mary maniac.

She could hear tones over and over kill me instead of kill me instead she felt she cold of had her head bashed what was this all bout Mistress in black wed.

This all phobia of a planet…. For instance Papa papa phobia he always ran the water all over floods of a house he couldn’t shut it off. Grandma was on the internet like Interpol FBI fire away click closer to your death chemical warfare is called chemophobia its not your beauty world with Italian Sophia. She had her last words spoken to a friend Lauren. Femme-Fatale had a sister twin called-Femme-Gem she was that deadly sparkle but smart and manipulative as they come. Her son Charlie was also in the game the world of deceit they got to him he had so many personalities you didn’t know one from the other. At times he couldn’t see his real mother.

Crystallaphobia they were all hooked but Evil scheme embraced. Game of Blood bath dead layering bodies .Hands cuffed dominatrix game puzzling twisted man and sisters family of Vampires wanting their blood you get more into the game no holy water to spread all toxic flames you wake screaming saying have mercy. Money world laundered called chrometophobia master-mind American Express cards all destroyed to bring new identity of cards they had their own world of cards called Black Death diamonds they were a cult of maniacs those cards more blood the stronger. Mistress by accident homophobia after sucking blood they leave dead weight diamonds over there body. Investigation was going on The world on Earth had no idea about these people from 19 steps underneath hidden money private jets the people that didn’t obey second time around got canned like rejects. You took a wild ride prehistorically New York Times story feeling like a beastlike you uncorked your own grave bottle of bloody gets really dark wine.

Remembering the rock he bought her Round as a planet but lost in her eyes of sparks……Mirror two faces world of three-dimensional adventures… She had a taste of the other world but trying to fit into her world.

Mirror spiritual scary existence phobias hit like a nymphomaniac dark exotic vamps’ Xenia had a side different eyes click tongue strong and bold with disapproval. Long deadly red nails Computer sabotage ruining a world obscure-nature. But getting Earthy families emptiness so lonely hearts and clubs… This was not your average community concert full house of Vampires Park. Creepy not your papa phobia of the pope. Perhaps you could have used a Monk prayer.

And Black-Death-Diamonds world way below and the over the bloody mate limits above….Everything had a price people were under the bad influence designer clothes got burned. Everyone Rock-occult style, Bloody-Mates above wasn’t exactly Heaven they had a mansion different age of aquarium Cockatoo dwarf they did everything together the electric Blue guitar man got hung and hooked. One was a convict meeting his fire woman of a fish-mouth but the man in charge was Vampire bloody dressed in a thirsty tie. Ladies of the house it was almost scenes from a trailer HD movie. They were mysterious swimming red candy stripers they weren’t your earth eaters, those angel fish became red-devil but they called them Blood-suckers limits above. Rules within Bloody -mates but it got brighter Sunshine Peacocks came out but the hell curser crabs got to them.

Unsettling Creatures’ in dying town faces but feeling claustrophobia. Space-energy people felt confined hit the Variety page. Wondering who’s next to another slaying. The good world had two face phobias needing love prayers But Femme-fatale keeping journal. As she was writing blue sky of a pen turned darker she noticed it leaking red dots came out like she was being warned beware than she noticed the sky outside turned darker like a tornado coming at her. Good earth world air turned toxic. The underground black- death- diamonds made everyone’s world tragic. You felt split second looking at yourself, not as one living in three different worlds.

Devil-hot no Victorian dreamers true pledge vampires sucking blood stealing erasing your mind and soul not the real world of forgivers. She was scared her twin sister Femme-Fatale-shooter more powers they did stick together but it was such a dangerous world of deceit they couldn’t watch over one another. They were in there backyard she loved to put lots of flowers in her bedding Daisy everything bright to lift this world up her Mom she remembered how much she loved daisies, and she added sunflowers. Her sister went inside hearing the faint bird sounds sipping her coffee. Marinating Love thorns pins of a cactus. She got spell-bound finger hint of blood stemming her heart. Safe-serenity felt free opening window. Her sister replied “Come outside Femme” its bright and beautiful today, I cannot think of going anywhere else. But knowing what followed bad thing’s always being watched.

What’s in our Black-hole bad seeds of Stalkers and bloody bath serial killers? Not knowing where to run body sensor inside you walk terror story talk. Underground explosion minds killer motives. Timeless world triggering emotions inside of us Cryptic matter, all number codes nothing was running the way things should.

Medical records were missing secrets- no princess’s diary. They were feeding on danger like an odyssey of occults. Felt-changed videos games two faces of demons the hospital packed with children with viruses. Moms shaking tremors seeing two faces the staff needed to figure out the scène Doctor Spruce-Willis you’re the victim their watching you feeling like you’re in a lab dissect director movie crew like junkies inject. Something was inside of their bodies so toxic controlling. -Kind paradox of parasites marine worms of predators’ families getting sick having Malaria forming inside cocoon fifteen hell-hole days. Kids scratching they got Lyme disease big rash. Prayers of Rituals learning the science mind controlling the body going deeper in our fears. Seeing double fine sketch tracing your body things get misty. Play misty for me digging grave of despair. Movie -set. Brightness friend Alexander got a part in a movie role also this man named Jack meeting someone else playing a double part bulls-eye Miranda

Two man what mates rare bloody Barbie on their best behavior best kept vampire part for Ken. Come at you Vampire that was challenging they needed to find someone Dark-edgy-Master-bloody type. Eventually they found the right person his name was Blade-Finsick

No more fishing around him great blood-line of credentials. Two faces cheat circular world of faces.

They were getting more people for the movie role good lord of lunatic and Eric Canterbury his dead Uncles estate like the vampire of a battlefield Miss Charlotte's cruel feeding web too many bodies showing up named Deb. The director his lids dropped the woman that walked in she was late but boy did she bounce her curves and what lines of a crack going all the way down every man

Turned heads blood sucker they came back. Her name was Miss Kelly she had the blood-line of a fortune creature of extremes she was hired.

Director started to roll Camera-Action-Roll but this wasn’t your ordinary day of filming. So it was changed to Camera-wide mouth-bite and roll. This world may forget what you said, but they never

forget the way you twist your words around. The director Damon says let’s start taking bigger bites. He really should have been called Demon…

First one up story starts out Miranda-- She’s wearing her designer jeans worn out shabby. She needed to scribble out the words she felt like a mute. It was scary she kept seeing forms of bodies in double coming toward her pushing them away.

Next scène his name is Eric Canterbury—He was trying to communicate with her it felt like communicating with the dead. He yelled out (are you alright) she didn’t answer but he saw in her face she was shaky she was trying to get her words out.

Blade-Fin-sick- He said: to Eric what’s the problem with her is she alright? If I can help in any way, let me know I’m not going anywhere but Eric didn’t know who the other guy was. He replied yes thanks

The woman felt all blemished hiding all the fault like she was the resident of a cell. On the web crawling all around her looking up at the wall feeling claustrophobia but she couldn’t scream. As if

She was taking over by Worms crawling over her it was a horrifying night mare. Her words got diminished the world heartless glimpse, of sun it faded into thin air. She felt smothered everyone was coming not human coming towards her. She needed her luminous glow she was the book worm Lady she loved to read. But everything in the book turned real to her. It turned dark the person outside the room said I see its getting dark in there what happen he replied did the lights go out from the storm. She didn’t want anyone to touch her she stayed put wanting to scream but couldn’t.

Charlotte was next she said Hi what’s your name miss let me come inside to help she waved her on you can hear her words without a sound Charlotte knew to leave her alone she had so many friends on the web she like one, in particular, Damon was her tangled up match

Bodacious Miss Kelly was up next—she had that killer walk. She needed to get out for some air it was a foggy night people were nervous. Full of twitches she said to one woman what’s going on. Do you not know there’s an epidemic people are getting sick faces are double-deformed looking it’s spreading a world of phobias going around and killing people Bright world took a fatal dying. It was scary her lines matched perfectly with the world they are living in. Evidence was all over the place sloppy work as almost like they wanted all of us to know what was going on.

Blade said what’s this world coming too floods all over the homes he replied it’s quite strange don’t you think bad- blood of dreams. Google it anywhere blood –bank whose next what type are you?? Like a picture showroom coming at you I am O OR B-negative or are we all in a world living positive, Blade was attracted to Miss Kelly who knew how to charm anyone that had signs of danger. She definitely speaks out sticks to her guns out. She wanted so much to have affair she needed space. But she felt she was always attracted to the wrong man. Blade came over to her would you like to join me for a cup of coffee. She replied why yes I loved too. So they found this really edgy Rock and take a bite Diner. They walked in everyone was quiet like someone told them not to talk they got seated in the back more private cushion black diamonds trimmed on the seat. People were playing the juke-box music was spiritual energy Rock punk, Heavy metal club music concrete Blonde song Caroline, and Darkening-bloodletting Vampire song…. The waitress was dressed

Like she was the bloody warrior and her personality you could put a stake through her heart. She was chewing like a sacrificial cow said in a unbecoming voice So what will it be what’s your bite. She spit out her chewing gum and this kid stepped on it, his Mom said uggh now we have to get it all off when you get in to my BMW the kid said under his sore throat of a breath B for bull- Mad- woman ha ha ha.

They couldn’t decide so she came back later. They started talking he said to her, so tell me something about you she replied Hum. I’m a woman with so many facets of faces. Are you sure you want to know? He said yes please, I will start with my past I grew up nitty-gritty to the last penny poor. I had a loving family but they were a different side of a breed, I have six brothers, two sisters not a perfect eight. Parents were always fighting throwing good Lenox plates they stole. Mom was abused so badly that they put my Dad in jail. He was bailed out so many times and every time he tried so hard to change ,but he left us alone and Mom went like she was some kind of Heiress on a plane best kept secret service world.

 I don’t think she is living. I think she changed her identity. Their relationship was almost like a rifle through love notes of pages. Blake was rolling his cigar he loved to smoke Garcia-Vega new version Garcia hit me Vegas nights loved the Showgirl Chicago Catherine Zeta dancers. What a bloodsucker leg kicker. How Renee walked away. She won't be playing my song.The waitress came back Are You ready to order she looks up with slight grin Yes The waitress says what so you want? Give me a fresh batch of Coffee I want my eyes sunny side up, my bread lightly buttered thanks. She said to Blake what would you like Coffee black no sugar or cream, he got interrupted by a couple they were screaming say to one another please Shut up going back and forth You shut up I am getting tired of your summer satellites but bloody Mates of the social sites.

I rather meet someone else on my level bloody-tunes of a bite. Then Blade said can you keep it down!!! I am trying to order something then he said give me Omelet with the works red hot peppers and green-monster mash special potatoes make it snappy I have to go back to a Movie-set. The other people in the diner when they got their food looking in their coffee drops of blood were showing through they call the manage what is going on here what kind of diner is this, you won’t be getting my bite of a business. There were Celebrities outside the door blood-lines were so long like it was a club going to New York Café Carlyle Vamps of Cabaret, long exotic necks too bite. Bar hopping the next place Bull a Bear Waldorf Astoria with beautiful mahogany bar, wishing is there a way out

Please God wishing upon a dead star. Next one SOB son of a bitch tropical drinks with umbrellas not your average looking man of fellows. Aromas starting to smell Juicy bloody steak Angels share for god sake. Couldn’t believe someone looked human… last stop Roof Hit-man Garden Café shootings love stars 3D act cliché

She needed to get a drink something didn’t smell kosher drinks where going around bloody Mary and meeting computer links bloody guts of Gary. But she wanted to be a friend or lover. Her taste was bad and grainy like a bad blend of coffee. She loved being on the edge.

Her loves were closer to the cliff. Hearing sirens go by like there was a bomb going off. The blade had a very possessive character when he liked someone he wouldn’t let anyone ruin his babes of treasure. So they took a walk outside it was getting darker Moon was changing she felt warm and wearing her black silk dancing away in a club but when she got home she invited him over. that’s when everything started to change she said to him Blade I will be refreshing myself in the bath tub. she loved using this body scrub she felt like the heiress woman it was a 14 karat gold bottle with the finest grains in the Arabian seas. She transformed into someone else but looked beautiful, dangerous, and had that killer smile.

But darkness form comes through spreading light reveals from within your body you start to realize the person you are. But then you see what you become that’s where the change takes over. Over the limit world, your surrounded high-hopes of Commander and officers cover the good earth grounded. This is a script so real like our lives are we missing a very important part. Trump Tai Michael was his name Cops and detectives found scenes of love notes Black Widow dieting part will kill you. Scenes of the crime had all black diamond’s trails everywhere and when you finally got to the end of the trail another note

A name that was next. Another mistress another Heiress how can we count Dracula’s affairs. Or menopausal Ladies Emergency Net-work so many flashes boob of a bust but woman losing their hearts and lust. Darker Underground world Black Diamonds occult.Ink-spired tried to save the planet.The song was playing nonstop People are strange when your a stranger's faces look lovely when you're alone. Real creepy. All different phenomena's.Devlin was in charge of the bad hot black as  Kate spade diamonds. How he leaked all his words in ink red. More mistresses in his domain erotic. Like Jack the bleeder he always had allergies to healthy women. The moon was getting closer to their part of the earth.

Strange_sphinx-LIKE_unknown- to any human flesh. Dark night sky left one spark of evil. Secluded underworld they were in a boardroom with cob webs of covens all over the place. They were religious vultures before they started the meeting Jonathan Frid came in the door strong smell bloody climate passed through your soul evil spirits. Dark Movie screen 3D- Shadow. Baron of sins lust crime demonology of a meeting…. they were all praying on their knees. The word unrighteous so unusual All Demonic gods-everything to the left was evil 666… Mental initiation martyrdom from the ancient times in the year seventeen eighty…. Zaharias the furrier of Greece and Mohammed he had severe mental problems he got tortured. 

Explicit forms of words not your grace of god’s of any holy spirit. But the key opens to a good world with everyone’s fears came out hope. They need more of a (marfa) which meant spiritual experience of people’s paradise everything was to the right not the evil left. They were the elite that they were heroes in the world fight of dragons fighting off childhood enemies’. Even the priests were unaware what horrors concealed. In the time of Lois XV Monsieur St Andre seventeen twenty five exorcism St Anthony of the bloody-mates of a desert signs you were to familiar with possess by the devil. Mystical figures Devil like lion seeking anything in front of their way to devour. 

Communion Second faces of world at war Evil spirits rulers took over the whole world. Deadly mistress breath cannot hold feeling of lust. Everyone was someone else’s possessions. Attacking body flesh like the mistresses and the heiresses became creature of extremes going from a governess to a goddess.What bad Lord bad sperm count vamp craving rabbit but all phobias came out of them like terrors no beauty just pacing around with their straight Joan jacket they needed more smoking Ms. Crawford tigress. He buried his smells in all of them one had a taste for orange spicy citrus and believe me his taste was getting overwhelmed and more desirable Australians-mates.

 Stephen Slam Kingster drawing blood like the diabetic –world of pathetic wrong blood counts people were dying. Dark-Mate Dillon on the web looking for a cure with Clive Park your bloody car Mercedes had too many wrong wishes MLM business mates took big elevation blood sugar Bank turn into millions of bodies what a hell kick in the ass story blood insurance. 

Multi level front man middle-mob blood sucker man and no human-kind one click everyone’s heart on the line. From the world not form heaven but they were above their limits Mates Dark Reckless Ricky endanger species his woman had a phobia for taking pills tranquilizers best kept vampire popping them in dirty-dozen sins of mouths they love going out to the clubs dressed in black lace with spike killer-body come to me fly heels. Once they got to the club immediately they smiled sinfully they let them in they packed up like sardines hell raisers, mob of shark organizations. Rumors and scandal laundering counterfeit money Husband finding out there wife got shot love tainted body. You were trying to walk on lifted wing of good spirit but you ended up Mistress killing your own demon devices.

The sun tried to peak out but your feet took steps through dewy skin of bodies and money. Waiting for the dusk you couldn’t be out in the light. What a way of slaughtering prayers of hell ancient rituals. Oh!__ what the heck or should I translate it better watch your neck. 

Trampling dead-beat prick of a heat night grounds were hell hole coal people were putting their foot prints on this was not a Hollywood sunset of a walk. Inside the club they sat down in red mahogany with stained red glass inserts in the table the light were as neon as a red devil babe in heat. They served those coffee drinks shots of Scotch, Gin and ladies of a club what a grand entrance her walk could crush anyone’s private affair. Grand Marnier red shot finale. Audrey took a double shot on Marnie blood-bank vampire drips seeing his red ink code’s virgin smile to break watch out Alfred blood hot rod 1960 red. Red Flames most popular drink Bloody Mary death wish-or take your pick arraigned bad spell of bloody married. The man’s drink was called bloody-bed they had their own names of drinks. They yelled out to the vamps hey you made your own sin of a bed. Entrance like no other opens like a climax.

The drinks were being passed around by Devil digger Dark Moon Darth he loved getting big grave under tips. The money the way they saw it was as red as a Hancock vampire slaying sign. He looked at the woman saying underneath his breath how many Men did they sleep with. He wanted to get underneath their skin he was so annoying the waiter. Woman of love they dead like the devils own time of a lesson. She needed a second wind of another lighting high peak moment candle flame. Miss Kelly had to go back to the studio for another act. She was amorous two circular eyes three worlds cheat to act the part her best-kept secret. She desired Blade so much seeing everything double love path mission but she thrived on danger mirror two faces world three killer beats. She was the nymphomaniac wanting the dark world.

Loved her crystal called crystallophone she bought the finest pieces traveling the world In France. Merci crystalline her favorite Caron boutique how it blooms lips of Paris Chanel and in Greece Islands the ocean shimmered with such powers it went through world of eyes. Ireland green landscape of mountains power spread fortune eyes praying. Wedgwood of Queen of England everyone was wedged so far up the mountain couldn’t get there quick enough when they climbed all the way up he was holding her hand to lift her so she wouldn’t fall with her crystal thanks god she saved them. Way up the hill Cul de Sac

That crystal shined it definitely paid the price traveling villas over looking dead body weight of the sea. Skull de sac of houses what artifacts going to Italy Florence jewels of crystal her appetite was so hungry she missed out on best kept secret saucy linguine showered over her sons mouth. He said Mom I want to go home he was playing his 3D for dirty hand held game. Mom sighs hum just wait. While she was picking out crystals of power what a mistress of the hour. Heading to China Emerald what gems color red good luck but in the vampire world next body was a delightful feed.

This audition everyone needed to get a checkup to draw blood and find out if they had a rare blood type they were only looking for people with the rarest blood. When the results came back

They got the right match for the part. Bring out the Starbuck coffee with the Pink ladies and their French poodles. Go Google webbing the next pain in the ass  match.Dimitri was still spilling some careless love whispers.

So everyone went to the studio they were going over there parts first one called the snicker lab lady vegetation was played by anorexia woman named Domino she loved a challenging part just don’t feed her…. Eric Canterbury they wanted him for killer Vampire with Vengeance. 

The next part was for two other people they had to play digging you extra extra feeding Sweet Threat Suzanne played Blonde Blood-sucker do it or die, next one was for Androids with killer black diamond devices. The Moon-dark as a lady-experimental species like the star played the role she was a hot nymphomaniac. She was half human and half bloody rare creature. When she started to sing you wanted to slice her in half didn’t have a better half movie- bite sinfully-deadly..There were three entrance stage doors. One number said 6- sex -creatures the other one said 6- sides of phobias the people that went into the other door the devil made me Bloody-screen faces of money. They needed to finish the movie in 6 days. What they didn’t know they were all going to die and be transported back to this Black- diamond underworld. Some bodies were all frozen and some were hanging being tortured to a vampire slaying of a death.

Hollywood Double talker Rap rap the other one was Bolly-wood of ritual belly dance acts. Peacocks so spiritual not a white wedding bloody Mary killed her lover the milkman came always twice with blood on his cravat. She couldn't control her blood habits.  The world was foggy London toxic sex weed Vamps-tramps-Missing some mistresses. Director says to everyone we need more bites All different creatures of habits. He was checking his bloody list where’s Miss Behaved Raven did she have some problems with a blood transfusion. One woman yells out pick me with her long and luscious looking neck, behind her that bloody-mate trucker drinking blood wreck. So they let them pick the doors they wanted to act out the body parts. 

The director didn’t really care what part they all wanted to play because they were all targets they needed their blood. People were trying to sleep they were all hypnotized eyes half open and in a dream state but waken body felt on freeze. They couldn’t move her child said with a fearful scream Mom he was frantic “Mommy, Mommy” I am scared he couldn’t move body froze then it went back to a normal state. Other people when they were sleeping bodies felt lifted spiritual energy off the bed all these strange phenomena.World of sadistic maniacs of the laboratory Mates called the blood-suckers over the limit. 

Paranormal smugglers of drugs Good and decent world had Phobias some people had ablutophobia fear of bathing or another one arithmophobia numbers and when they saw those numbers that identified with them they were scared out of the bloody wits. 

But the phobias which they loved the most was homophobia everyone of them loved the word {blood}. Doctors turned into lunatics all spies, espionage, serial killers everywhere. Politicians crooked as a vampire house arrest. Lawyers going to work taking cab rides to Park Avenue high executive law firms going up the elevator to 22 floors the head title said Don’t- Deceive- Damon people were coming from all over to see him they were all trance-like. There were so many cases to solve but little did they all know the more money he made from them. It was put into the organization of the Black diamond’s underworld. Who do we trust, nowhere to turn your heart to urge you on. Night sky head felt like tomatoes crushed fogging up your mind and spirit like you were so cursed.

Who knew everything could appear double in your eyes. Like everyone was in a row one wrong move all fall like a game watch out Miss Domino.Who is ever reading this do you want a part in my story?

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