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There's a point in life when the only things that make you smile are either something you really love; or someONE you really love. This is about someone.

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Small Town Boy

I guess this story is gonna have to begin with a small town boy. That would be me, Hi my name's Austin Kenneth Carlson. I grew up in a town called Enfield. Population: 600. Very small town. But I made do with what I had, and who I had.

Okay, to get this story kicked off I guess I wanna say love is a very frightening thing. Sometimes love can lead you to children and a family, or maybe even just lead you to somewhere you don't wanna be like in prison or in a psychiatric ward. Some people's relationship don't always turn out well. But really I'm only here to talk about my relationship with this one really special person that just made me so happy and lifted my personality, spirit, and joy to a whole new meaning. I don't know what I would gave done without her.

Some people say love is fake or love doesn't mean anything. Well to some people love is the only thing they have within a person. They can't look at that specific person any other way or with any other feeling except love, and that's what I'm here to talk about. So let me tell you all about the girl I fell in love with. She was sweet, passionate, charming, beautiful, very articulate with the way she spoke I just loved her so much.

I guess you're probably wondering what her name was huh. Her name was Elizabeth Anne Casto. She was the most wonderful part of my life and the only reason I say *was* is because she and I are currently not talking anymore as I'm writing this. But I'm writing this book about her in hopes of getting her back. I miss her more than anything. She had two siblings and a half sibling. And her niece Katherine was the cutest little girl you would've ever seen in your entire life. Her sister and brother were so kind to me and I was just so happy that even when we were doing long distance we were still so close to each other, and that's what everyone needs in a relationship is the determination to stick together through anything.

I remember the first time I started talking to her. I was 15 and just 4 days ago it was July 23rd which was the day I first started talking to Elizabeth. She made me so happy within just the first day of me even talking to her. I remember asking my friend for her snapchat and messaging her on there. I asked her if she and him were together because they had been talking for a couple months I do believe. But she said no they were just close friends and I said oh okay just checking, and I remember us just starting to talk a bit more and more and more every day until we both admitted withing the first week of us talking that we both had feelings for each other.

But I didn't understand how someone so perfect could ever fall in love with a moron like me. I didn't understand how someone that did so good in school, so good in life, so good in everything could ever want to be with an absolute doofus like me. But she did, and I did too. I fell in love with her. I told everyone about her I told my entire family even my dad's side and they don't know anything about my relationships. I really did love her she brought so many smiles to my face. In fact I'm. pretty sure I have wrinkles along the sides of my mouth from her lol. Anyways we kept talking for a few months and we got into a big argument one day and we split up but we realized we could make it without each other so we kept coming back to each other.

We really never wanted our relationship to go the way it did, but in the end it went really bsd. We both said some things we shouldn't have and I doubt either of us meant any of it. Because we still text each other sometimes in hope of having a full conversation and I know skmewhere within her heart she deep down still has some feelings for me. She's told me, and I still have feelings for her, but love isn't an easy thing to maintain. You'll find out more about that farther and farther into these chapters.

Within just the first couple of months of us being together I fell so hard in love with her. I couldn't stop talking to her I couldn't put my phone down I was so stuck to her like a paste or a glue. She just made me so happy and for the first time in my life I was starting to realize there was someone that actually cared about me, and she really did care about me. But I didn't realize that within the 9 months we dated.

You've heard a lot about the first couple of months of our relationship so I'll tell you more within the next couple of chapters.

In conclusion love really can be undetermined but most of the time at the beginning you'll be able to tell whether you really love someone or not. In this situation I found out that I really loved someone.

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