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The Meeting

Jacklyin Taylors looked over the city from her condo. She stares long and hard at the bustling city streets. They moved at an alarming rate for it to be 10:30 at night. But what did she expect in a big city?

She sighed in audible sadness.

It wasn't because she'd been laid off for months with no pay and then finally fired. It wasn't because she was being kicked out of her beautiful condo. It wasn't even because her boyfriend of four years was breaking up with her, with oh-so-perfect timing at that.

No; what started this sadness was a trip to the doctors office. The gynecologist to be exact. She went every three months annually to make sure everything was okay. To her dismay, things were not. Her doctor's usual smiling face darkened as she discovered the grave news. Her biggest fear was dying the way her great-grandmother died, and her aunt, and her mom.

Ovarian cancer. On the left ovary.

'Well, at least the tradition was being upheld.' She thought with grim humor. It was always on the left ovary. Always.

Of course, she told her father first. She half expected him to break down crying because one of their biggest fears was proven to be correct. This cancer was indeed hereditary and extremely vicious. He promised to be there for her, but she could hear the hurt in his voice. Next, she told her big sisters and then Trevor and of course he freaked out. She expected that. What she didn't expect was him leaving her because she couldn't give him children.

The thing they both wanted most.

Jacklyin Taylors looked across the night sky for several more seconds, and then she walked over to her empty bed and tried to sleep. She had a big interview tomorrow and needed all the rest she could get. There was a struggle with the depressing news, she prayed it wouldn't eat away at her psyche.

She couldn't let it. She couldn't be like the women before her. She couldn't be like her mom. She wouldn't. Could she? The moonlight shining through her windows told her sleep was for those without worry or struggle. She climbed into her silk sheets and silently cried into the early morning before sleep took her.

Alexander Grant rubbed his son's head lovingly. The young boy curled into his father's side, fast asleep and snoring lightly. Lucas was almost three years old. His honey hair was a mess on his small head while simultaneously carrying his father's strong features on his youthful face. Alexander had just finished the story book he was reading his son. It was so hard for him to go to sleep, especially on his own. Luke hated nap time/bed time while his father anticipated them both eagerly.

Alex sighed audibly. He was exhausted.

It was hard being the youngest CEO in the US and a single father at that. Some nights he wished that his poor excuse of an ex-wife was still around. He grimaced. Never mind, he'd rather his son be raised by complete strangers than that...woman. Shaking the thoughts from his head, he tucked the beloved Mr.Jack, a stuffed bunny, underneath Luke's arm before kissing his forehead and heading off to his study. He had mountains of paperwork waiting for him and they had to be done. Dragging himself out of the room, his eyes softened on Lucas before the light flipped off. Alex exited the room. He walked down the hallway and entered the door to his study. The emerald green walls that were supposed to calm him reminded him how stressed he really was and began making him sick. Closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose, Alexander slowly walked over to the mahogany desk. Undoing his tie and taking off his suit jacket, he props his elbows on his desk and looked at the clock.


He sighed with relief. God was obviously on his side tonight. Alex pulled one sheet of paper off the stack and read over it quickly.

1:49 AM

The will to finish them was strong; he had to be up by seven. Sighing, he stood up and walked to the bathroom to shower, brush his teeth, and quickly made his way to his bedroom and plopped down on the bed. His heavy eyelids drooped until they were fully closed and he fell into a deep sleep.


"Jackylin Taylors" a shrill voice called from the front desk. Jackie strode toward the glass and the doors opened, breathing cooly before ascending. The air vent broke across her skin in goosebumps as she rose above the floors. She flew past several floors of busy men and women in savvy business attire. All, bustling with no end. Her eyes stretched with wonderful horror before snapping back into place. as she came to a smooth stop in front of the main office. She checked in at the front desk and the young dark haired woman gave her further instructions. She made her way down a long and narrow hallway toward her interviewer’s door. As she passed a mirror; briefly stopping to admire her beauty. She dressed smart and stylishly in a modern navy blue pants suit that hugged her small frame and thick curves. Her almond eyes and curly black mane were brought together with coco brown skin. At once her eyes cut to the bone of reality. Her small hand wrapped around the crystal knob. A man propped in the russet chair, a bit older than her father, sat expectantly and motioned with his hand for her to sit as well. When she did so, he took a stack of papers containing her resume and portfolio from his desk and looked them over quietly.

"Well Ms...Taylors, it seems that you have all of the degrees and you are very qualified for this job. And," his eyes squinted, "you've got a lot of experience in the graphic design field and your previous jobs are very impressive!" She smiled brightly.

"Thank you sir, I was recommended by profe-"

"Unfortunately, we are unable to hire you at this moment," She stared at him blankly. Her bright smile, wiped away from her face. With lowered head and slouching shoulder she nodded slowly.

"..I see. Well can I at least know why?" Her pleading orbs met him while he tried to avoid her gaze.

He sighed and shrugged, giving her a half apologetic look, "You're just not what we're looking for. We want someone who we believe can add..to our image, " Jacklyin stared at him with disbelief, then laughed humorlessly.

Her eyes narrowed to cut steel, "Oh, I see what this is. So if i were to dye my hair blonde and put in blue or green contacts and you know what, even bleach my skin. Would I be good enough for your company then?" she said mocking a cheery voice.

He stared at the floor uncomfortably, carrying a blush from his neck to his hairline "You know what, I'm sorry for wasting your time sir. I'll just excuse myself. Racist prick." She threw before storming out of his office. Other people who waited patiently for the interview, stared at her as she clicked her way to the elevator with an upturned nose walking confidently inside the conveniently open elevator and having it shut soundlessly. When the doors closed her shoulders sagged and the urge to cry almost consumed her. She was just about to give in, when the doors opened again and a little head of messy blonde hair accompanied her on the descent. Shouts were heard from the floor they were on until the elevator doors closed and it began to move again. They stared at each other for several seconds then a big smile appeared on the boy's face. He reached out his hand to grab Jackylin's and when the elevator opened he ran out with her in tow.


Jackylin was nearly pulled out of her heels and dragged through the lobby and out the door by a boy who was around 2 and a half feet tall. His small hands were gripping her tightly and she found it fairly difficult to get away from him especially trying to balance herself in heels. It must've been a funny sight watching a toddler drag a twenty-something year old around the streets of Chicago. When Jacklyin finally gained the strength and balance, she picked up the eager little thing, to his protest, and sat him down on a nearby bench. Finally catching her breath, Jacklyin looked down at the little blonde boy and his wide smile. She smiled back and sighed,

"Jeez Louise kid! You've got one he- eh, heck of a grip!" The mysterious blonde boy giggled at her almost slip up.

"Where did you come from little man; are you lost?" The concern in her voice rang clear and the child laughed.

"Hey, I'm not little. My daddy says I'm his big man now! Plus I'm almost three." He said pridefully while holding up three stubby little fingers. Jacklyin laughed and nodded her head.

"Your daddy is right, you are a big man now," he beamed up at her, nodding his head in agreement, "So what's your name kid?" He looked up at her and held out his hand.

"My name is Lucas, but my daddy and my friends call me Luke. You can call me Luke too because we're friends now," he smiled and so did she.

She chuckled thickly, "Just like that, huh?" Her smile grew wider as he replied with a simple 'mhm'.

"What's yours?" His wide eyes, glowing up at her. She smiled and shook his little hand.

"I'm Jacklyin, nice to meet you Lucas. You are too adorable!" He smiled his big grin again and she laughed lightheartedly.

Just as she went to mention his parents' whereabouts, a tall figure running toward her yelling and waving came into view. Lucas's eyes went wide and he hid behind Jacklyin as his father came closer. Jacklyin looked down at him and smiled and then looked at the disheveled man who resembled the young boy to a tee. She held out her hand.

"You must be Lucas's father, hi," she smiled, "I'm Jackylin Taylors" her hand, outstretched and warm eyes piercing him. He stared at her for a few seconds before he shook her dainty soft hands. He smiled a charming smile; his clothes were ruffled and his hair was a mess. She giggled and pulled a leaf from his messy blonde hair.

She smirked, "Seems like this tyke has given you a little trouble today," He sighed and ran a hand through his thick golden hair.

"You have absolutely no idea,” he said with a huff; her warm hand leaving electric tingles as she slid away, “I'm Alexander Grant. And this here is Lucas," His piercing blue eyes gave a sharp look toward Lucas who was hiding further behind Jackylin's legs, "who you've already had the pleasure of meeting," annoyance dripped through his tone.

Jackylin lightly giggled at the way the small boy gulped, rather cartoonishly.

"Young man, come over here. Now." Lucas quickly ran over to his father's side in fear of his punishment if he refused.

He already disobeyed him once today, and obviously for Alexander, that was more than enough. Jackylin looked down at the poor boy and then back at his no-nonsense father.

She frowned a bit and put a small hand on Alex's shoulder, "Hey dad, be a little sympathetic he just wants to have a bit of fun. Besides, he's fine. Not a scratch, not a hair out of place,"

Alex raised an eyebrow "I'm sorry, do you have children Mrs. Taylors?"

She blushed and an unbearable sadness crept into her cinnamon eyes, "Umm, it-it's Ms. Taylors and no I- I don't ,"

"Then I don't expect you to understand all the struggles having kids comes with,"

She stared at him for a second and then at the big blue eyes of Lucas, looking at her with concern.

"I'm sure life for you is sooo hard. Having everything you need; a son, probably a wife... I'm not telling you how to raise your child but remember this; the way you kept him cooped up in your office made him run away. If you're not careful he's gonna run out of your life again and you may not have a nice stranger to catch him for you," she stared at Lucas and smiled, “If this sweet boy is a struggle to raise, then I hope your life stays this easy." She turned to walk away but Lucas breaks away from his dad and run to her legs and hugs her.

"Daddy, that wasn't very nice; apologize to Ms. Jackylin," Lucas glared at him while hugging her legs tighter. Jacklyin smiled and ruffled his messy honey hair.

"Thank you sweetie, but you need to listen to your daddy. What you did was very dangerous and you could’ve gotten hurt! He's a good man and cares a lot about you, so you need to be-"

"I'm sorry Ms. Taylors, you are right. He has been up there all day. It's just hard raising a child alone, he has to stay with me for at least 9 hours a day or his mother gets custody," he sighed. Jackylin opened her mouth but shut it quickly as he continued.

"Well whatever the case, I'm sure you'd like a ride home,” Before Jackylin could protest, a smiling Lucas dragged her along with him as he walked back to his father.

Alex smiled lovingly at his little son while Jacklyin stared at Alex. She never payed attention to his features before now. Of course she knew he was handsome. At first glance he was gorgeous, even a crazy person could see that. But now, the full striking force of his beauty hit her. He was tall, even in her six inch heels, he easily towered over her. His slightly tanned skin glowed a soft golden hue. She could tell underneath his suit, he had muscled arms and a toned chest. His honey blonde hair mixed with streaks of black and sandy brown. His pink lips held plumpness and his piercing Steele blue eyes could melt the heart of any woman. Alexander Grant was a sight to behold. Before she got caught staring, she looked around the city and at the building she left out of.

"Why don't we get some coffee while waiting for my car?" He looked down at her while fishing his phone from a pocket inside his coat.

Alexander quickly dialed a number,

“Rooster’s nest is empty, send an eagle,” his voice was low and thick. A driver was scheduled, which would give Alexander plenty of time to quell his fierce and growing curiosity. He was determined to know this woman. There was something about her that lit a fire in his chest. The cinnamon-eyed beauty already cast a spell on him. However, it was too early to tell. His ex-wife was Brazilian Rainbow Boa, smoothly wrapping her essence around you until you suffocate and she consumes you whole; her presence currently left him jaded and a slightly bitter. Still, something in this woman called to him.

They'd just have to wait and see.


A/N: I hope you enjoyed this first part. I know a few of you have read and I'm sorry for the incompletions I plan on starting the next chapter tonight. Please tell me what you think in comments and please like ^____^ Tank you


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