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He was in a war, a war, he might not survive out of...

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Cliff Hanger

Cut Throat

He was in a war, a war, he might not survive out of.

He loved in the decades years of life, he never thought or neither even in the slightest in his mind it was ever possible to happen, other than television.

Living through it all, coming amongst other old best friends too, he doesn't see them at all towards the end of the path with him.

It was like he survived all through out his very own.

The kid of a child of young age, he can't seem to change or grow up age out of it.

He stays cute as he was.

He known in life, not everyone is cute and adorable, like a new born baby, ready to be taken care of, a baby towards a toddler young of age, able to walk and talk, doesn't know very much yet, but the basics just like that, to living life.

Smartness trait, wasn't achieved yet.

Still working on it.

It's what gown up parents are for.

He was ready to lose it, grow up mature of a grown up, perhaps know the tale of a sexy handsome mature trait of cute, then a toddler, or a baby.

It never happened, he sees some in adults, has it.

They take care of it, they don't. Doesn't mean there a bad person, just really not their concern of cute and beauty of handsome.

Sent a quest to help of a father to him, legend God, has fallen towards the end of him with a promise, he wants him to keep and do complete, show truth amongst its true what he loves and say in faith-belief, he has about him, everyday.

To do one mission of a task, he might not even come alive out of from.

His only line for help.

His only line, he helped through so much, then he could ever imagine.

The words out his mouth of other, he wants to warn him ASAP.

He died, holding tight of his shoulder, it showing a sign of something seriously important he was going to warn him about the full story, him only came out of saying "they."

And that was it.

He was gone, closing his eyes, after gasping on his own blood, pretty brutally.

He begged, begged, and begged, pleaded, on trying to save him, it was no use at all.

The same question of the words he been said he asked, he wasn't getting any answer at all.

The next thing of him gone, something happened to him, beloved he got to get up to do the task.

It flew right bouncing right next to him.

He gulps on his own spit, staring at what just happened, whom had caused it.

Eye for an eye.

Face to face, it literally barely any space, for a clean escape..........

Towards the almost the end towards who have done this to shall pay of a final showdown, with a secret character, he was ready on prepared to end this for once and for all, but the case of a fellow people he recognized head on to who they were actually were.

It stopped him in his tracks to having a long conversation with them.

They meddled on pleased as they wanted in pleasure, of whom that pleased as nasty to sexy as they want it to be like.

The whole truth, cause of all this mayhem, suffered him crying, to tears, as well being somber about the situation.

He couldn't believe it, and the flashbacks explains everything towards his knees on the floor.

The betrayal broke him down whole, to a whole, that completely shattered him to his weakest he was in at the moment.

He wasn't going to give up.

He had been given two choices of mercy; You accept the legacy of the grind of the new arena, the new era, franchise of the new pleasuring beginning, or........... You don't..................

What will he choose..................?

He lead the way breathing heavily, getting his other partner boy along with him.

Both breathing really heavy and hard.

Making left turns, and right turns, there way into through door after door.

Ambushed towards opening other doors, open.

Running forward to the entry of their worst nightmare behind all this madness mayhem, tactics of strategies they survived through it all, ready to put a end to this.

We're gonna end this for once and for all, come on keep up kid!" Shouted the leader.

Got it man, I'm-I'm catching up the best I can!"


As he huff and buff his legs and arms swinging, running straight forward, he stops, to stumble across others coming out of the shadows.

They was happy, and excited.

Too excited., it looked really suspicious.

Oh thank goodness, bro!" Best friends, boys!"

What up, dudes?"

He said, stopping in his tracks, breathing heavy.

Huff* Huff* Ahh* Ack*

What man?"

They said all fancy.

How y'all doing today?"

We're doling good bro, thanks for y'all asking."

We alive, and that's all that matters."

You got that dang right, you go my dude!"

They said in cheering applause.

That's right!" Yeah!"

I couldn't do it without my mans right here."


The boy felt chills down his spine looking worried.

What's wrong, man?"

Leader said with a big smile of relief.

Ummm.........ummm......... I-I-O-O." Come on man, spit it out!"

We're all about to end this together, as a team!"

Yeah!" Wahoo!"

The boys cheered, getting real happy, and doing dance moves.


What is it-"

He looked to his right and sees a fellow group of beautiful hot ladies coming on, being nasty, being real sexy, and always happy to do willfully to do anything you desire.

They looked of with their males, and staring at them, licking their lips, ones that wasn't affected yet.

Chewpapi?" Daddy?" Senpai?" Ooooh dadddy?"

You-"He puts his head down chuckling.

And laughing hard, hysterically.

And he started to slowly lift his head up crying in disappointment.

Friends, what the hell is this?"

His eyes went light red, tears raining down his cheeks. His voice is sound of felt so betrayed, he couldn’t think or had doubt in their mind of what they were going to say. The boy looked shocked, and stared at them, playing with his fingers.

To be continued

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To be continued... New chapter Everyday.

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