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Funny short poems for your little one. They will be sure to laugh their socks off you just might to.

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My little Short S

Ants And Pudding

I got ants in my pudding oh what should I do? They keep coming in pairs of two. They are on the table and on the chair they are even in my underwear. They are in my shirt and on my skirt. They are all over my spoon singing a ants marching tune. ' we are ants, we are ants and we like to dance, while we take your pudding, while we take your pudding' it was rather funny Some people to see this would pay money, but As they climbed around and made that awful sound they would climb in my bowl one by one and then take some and run. There was to many of them to fight I tried with all my might but they kept coming back it was like they were a wolf pack, they kicked, punched and bit for something so small they sure had a hard hit, I'm not going to lie I just started to cry then my mom came to see why she brushed them all away my mom saved the day. But she didn't save my pudding.

The End

My bear Ned

I have a bear named Ned. He lives in our garden shed. We play all day long his favorite game is ping pong. He likes to eat honey, and his jokes are really funny. He's to big to come inside and I can't take him for a bike ride. But we can go swimming together and he helps keep me dry from the rainy weather. We run and play all day and every night he gets fire fly’s to use as a night light. Yes my bear is scared of the dark and he's also scared of the slide at the park. This one time he went to go down when the slide started making a cracking sound and all of a sudden crash bang boom and he fell to his doom. He cut his paw and chipped a claw, He held back his tears and now it's become one of his biggest fears. So we just stay close to the house My bear, myself and a little mouse. Who knew that you could have a bear as a best friend and a mouse too but my parents had no clue. They came out to see if I wanted someone ice-cream and let out a big scream and ran away from Ned and hid for days under the bed.

The End

My little Brother

My little brother follows me all the time, it honestly should be a crime. He copies every word I say and this goes on all day. He puts his toys all over my bed. He really is a pain in my head. He cries and cries if I don't pick him up ouch he just hit me with his sippy cup. He always pulls the cats tail and likes to go out and get the mail. You throws his food on the floor and has fun slamming the door. He doesn't take a nap, he knows how to turn on the tap. He flooded to upstairs and the downstairs too oh look there’s a floating shoe. What did you do and you know what my little brother said night, night and went to bed.

The End

No More School

It was my first day of school ever and my teachers name was Trevor. He had funny teeth and stringy hair it was really hard not to stair. He sat me next to a boy his name ended up being Roy. Picked his noise and had smelly toes. He ate glue and the crayons to. He put glue on my chair and took a pair of scissors and cut my hair. When it was lunch he took my snack I screamed give that back. The teacher Trevor gave me a time out and made me pout I went home and told my mom about my day and tomorrow it will be better is all she could say. How could she not see that school was not for me I didn't want to go so I just told her no. I had to figure out a way to stay home So I tried righting her a poem. That was a bust. But staying home is a must. I can't be stuck next to roy again he even drew all over my face with a pen. He wasn't nice at all he tripped me and made me fall. He put paint in my shoe and they were brand new. Oh that Roy he's just the meanest boy. So I told my mother we are setting a new rule no more school! This morning I had to take the bus...

The End

My lost Hat

I got a new hat, it was blue and had red on it too. My grandma that lives far away got it for me for my birthday. I wear it when I eat, I wear it when I sleep, I wear it on the slide, I wear when I go for a bike ride. Until one day I woke up and it was no where to be found I looked up in the sky and on the ground. I looked under my bed I even double checked my head. I had it when I went to sleep Did I lose it while I was counting sheep? Did it fall into the land of lost hats? Or is it under the bath mat. Did my dog Ben go bury it in the dirt? Or did it get stuck in my shirt? Have you seen my cat? Do you know if he's wearing a hat? Or maybe it was my pet snake, or did I leave it at lake? I looked for my hat all day and all night it just wasn't in my site. My hat was gone oh the memories we had now I’m really sad. I wish I could find my lost hat and there it was it was back. My mom washed it..

The End

My Big Surprise

It was my birthday in two days and all I wanted was a new bike but there was none my mom thought id like. Maybe your next birthday she said as she tucked me into bed. The next day I got told to think of something new maybe a new truck that was blue? Or maybe a new basketball only problem is i'm not very tall. I couldn't think of anything else but my red bike I was to big now for my trike, it was the day of my birthday and I was sad I didn't care about all the other presents I had. My mother came out with a big surprise and I couldn't believe my eyes it was my red bike I took it outside and forgot I didn't know how to ride a two wheeler yet, I should of just got a new pet. I fell and hit my head at least that's what was said. That birthday is one ill never forget it's the day My Big Surprise ended up making me cry. I should of used training wheels.

The End

To live in space

What if we all lived in space? It would be a very magical place. UFO'S would by our means of travel, we would never walk on the gravel. MR. Sun would live next door and on MR. Moon we could explore. My best friend would be Fred he's small and green he was born from a little bean. We would live on Mars and there would be flying cars. Earth would be a place we go whenever we wanted to play in the snow. We would have space cows and monkeys to we would have a space zoo. With lions, tigers, and little baby sharks there would even be a space water park. You would fly instead of slide when you went on a crazy ride. Oh how I wish we lived on the moon. You just never know it just might happen soon.

The End

Spinach and Spam

My parents eat spinach and spam. Spam comes in a can. It has to be the worst food in the world. One bite and I hurled. I try to hold my breath when I take a bite because I want to be polite. But it taste so bad and I don't want my parents mad. Eating all your dinner is a rule but I think it's cruel making us eat something we don't like, do you think that's right? I sure don't I wish I was in charge, then I wouldn't be small I'd be large. I'd make all the spinach and spam disappear. I would tell all the kids not to fear. That the no spinach and spam man would give them a hand. We would tell the parents what to eat and not let them move from their seat. Only If I could turn this to ham I really don't like this spinach and spam.

The End

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The End

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