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This is a story of a woman named Jenny who gets cursed by an old man and she has to find a way to save herself from being killed and taken to hell by the devil himself. As everyone she loves dies while she's trying to find a way to survive, on the 8th night she finds herself face to face with evil will she win or lose?? Guess you will have to come find out.

Horror Not for children under 13.

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The curse

Jenny Fringe is a middle aged succefull woman. She owns her own morgage business, has her own house and makes about six figures a year. She's divorced with two grown children who no longer live at home so it's just her and her two boxers Lily and Jacks. Jenny was at work when a man who hasn't made a morgage payment in months came in because they were taking his house, Jenny has extended his morgage twice now there just isn't anything else she could do she explained to the man. He was about 85 years old, walked with an antique cane with weird scripts all over it. The man became angry with Jenny he grabbed her hand put it on the desk and slammed his cane down onto her hand as he spoke this strange laungage. Jenny screams in pain secuirity came and removed the man Jenny's hand was broken so she had to go to emergency. She ended up needing a cast so she would be off work for a few weeks, she needed a vaction anyways she thought so this would be a good time for some self healing. Jenny and her husband had a messy divorse he was cheating with a younger version of Jenny so it was time for her to do her. As she got home her dogs came running like they usually do but as soon as they got close they started growling and barking and didn't want to go near her. That's strange she thought. She went up stairs to run a bath and her hand was hurting bad and it was turning blue, she noticed this mark going up her arm but she thought maybe that was from the break. As she's laying in the bath she hears whispers, maybe I'm just stressed cause of the day I had she said and just brushed it off. As she's in her room brushing her hair and getting her pjs on she sees this black thing run by out of the corner of her eye. Lilly? Jacks? you could hear the fear in her voice. Lily and Jacks where still outside. She's just scaring herself because of that old man today snap out of it Jenny she says giggling and shaking her head. She goes down stairs to let the dogs in and they were still acting skiddish to her still growling and still wouldn't come near her. What's wrong with you two she yelled. She went to the couch and and as she was reading her book she heard whispers again. Am i going crazy, I must be, and now im talking to myself clearly im crazy. She searched around the house but no one was there. So she took some advil and went to bed. It's about 3am and the dogs start barking and going nuts what the hell she says in a mad voice. The dogs are in the hall at the attic looking up and barking like someone is up there so Jenny investigates. She looked around and no one was there, but as she was closing the attic door these big red eyes appeared they startled her so much she fell backwards and hit her head knocking her out. She didn't end up waking to morning and she woke to her son Macin standing over her mom? mom are you alright? what happened? Oh I fell she said. Her and Macin went down stairs and it looked as if someone or something shredded hundreds of papers around the house there was paper everywhere. What the hell? Who did this? I don't know Macin said I came in here and it was like this I thought maybe you were robbed. Jenny's cleaning it all up and she notices something a piece of wood that had a script on it like that old mans cane. This can't be possible that old man must of broke into my house so she calls the police. They come take a statement and told her they would go speak to the man and they would let her know after that. Later that evening she was doing her dishes well trying to she couldn't do much with this cast on and it was so itchy it was making her crazy so she decided to cut it off and she could not believe what she saw under neath that cast that mark she seen it was the scripts from the old mans cane burned into her hand as she sits there with confusion the phone rings it's the police informing Jenny it couldn't of been the old man who broke into her place he passed away two days ago. Jenny drops the phone. Is this even possible? I need to figure out exactly what this man did to me.

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