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This about a girl the writer she used to live with a male roommate she don't see him offten then she found out he was a pop star

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Melody Love 1

Hi my name is Luna I live a small town call the Roseshine village I'm just a normal girl love to write books and I enjoy it they are my hobby writing book is what I want to b in career my dream is to b a book writer I hope I will get a job in the future I work at a small cafe shop call the lovely rose cafe it was my first job so I can make money I work there since for 3 years when I get home I always write my book after work I have alot of idea in my mind that pop out in my head it was my imagination I write down my story and put on my website so everyone can read when I open my website there book I wrote long time I was surprised I saw alot like n comment look like they like my story wow that amazing I was very happy about people reading my books so after I'm done writing I went to bed and sleep I suppose have a roomat that suppose to live here with my I see him one but not that offten I hope he pay other half of the bills he been for so long I wonder what he upto I want to write a story about so I went back to my website write about him the mystery man so wrote some about him then I stop where I'm at then save and went back to bed it was late so I went to bed and sleep till tomorrow I have work I hope I'm not go b late so I set my alarm again change the time then went to sleep.

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