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Imagination not true this is about fire wolf name Anna she is looking for her right mate to be with n to work with her to battle some monster n vampire on her side become powerful she met an Earth wolf they become connected that is her destiny his name is Jake it start with war against the monster battle

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Warrior Wolf Met A Mate 1

Today I'm on the mission to save my home from a monster and vampire taking care of my siblings. My name is Anna, the fire wolf I protect the village of the werewolf. I'm a warrior I have been chosen one from the king of the fire wolf pack my mission is to find my mate to fight along side me to protect my family and village. Also, my mate that is unknown also protect his villager of wolf pack. He is unknown I will also protect his villager we r equal give and take my destiny to unknown mate to be on our side and I be on his. We will protect both of our villager but we have to go to a meeting with my unknown mate king and queen to excepted.

So I went to my mission looking for my mate I had to battle a lot of evil monsters and vampire obstacle to get to my unknown mate. Then suddenly I saw someone at the tree he seem hurt so I went straight there after I battle the monster and vampire. I went toward him he look like he one of us but a different element he look like an Earth sign so I went there and ask him are you ok do you need help. You seem hurt. I turn to my human form and pick him up in my arms and went to my village he was unconscious.

I went to my villager of fire wolf pack bring him to my home and call the healer of the Wolfpack to help him. I turn back to my wolf form and wait for the healer to come. Dr Flamey the wolf is hurt can you heal him, yes I will Anna so I sit and wait for him to be alright and heal. I saw this poor Earth wolf about to b awake he opens his eyes then growl grrrr. Where am I and why human here

Hey don't worry he one of us. This is Dr Flamey he is the one the heal you. Your were hurt so I brought you to my hometown. Oh my name is Anna what your name you not from around here I'm from Royal blossom that my hometown thank you I'm going go back home now

Wait your name?

Oh my name is Jake

Ok will I see you again I feel like we are connect I think your my destiny your probably my unknown mate

I don't know are destiny to be together we'll see if we meant to be let go check on the heart scale. do you have it here in your hometown I think I have we have to find it around this neighborhood? Then let find the heart scale let team up till to see if we r meant to be.

She seem attractive I should check if we are meant to be together I wonder if she have the heart scale so we can put are Paul on the scale I ask let look for it Anna I do have a connection with you I feel it I don't know what is but it feel good

Yes so are we really meant to b together I don't know let look for the heart scale to see if it true I feel like I have strong connection with when I stare into your beautiful firey brown eyes well let team up I need you to help me fight the evil to protect our village and yours I'm the warrior by the way the chosen one really I'm also the chosen one omg really so we are meant to be I don't think we don't need the heart scale if your are a chosen one like me we are meant to b together

I guess your right

Let talk to my king that I found you we need to meet him

Alright and you need to meet my king and queen they at my hometown

Alright let go.

So me and Jake went to my king to have a meeting talk

Here we r I knock the door

The king say come in

Hi there your majesty I found my mate he also the chosen one of his pack

Well then hi there what your name young one

My name is Jake nice meeting you your Majesty

Welcome to Starlight Rose we need you to help this young warrior Anna she is the chosen one of the fire Wolfpack after the battle you two should be marry

Yes my I will except her marriage I had to talk to my king and queen at my hometown name Royal Blossom I would like to meet your king and queen at your hometown to talk about u two marriage but not right there evil coming on the way so you two should fight together side by side I will reward you guys both

Yes sir.

Well nice has finally meet you Jake hope we will work together with your king and queen.

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