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Sam is the major of Indonesian bomb diffusing army team. He met Akira, a reporter while trying to save her from drowning. Akira gets ahold of Sam's diary. While reading the diary, Akira gets to know why Sam tries to die every single day and learns about Sam's past and his first love , Mia. Will Akira, who is free spirited and has confidence that she will never fall in love, finally fall for cold hearted Sam?

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Present time, Jakarta, Indonesia...

The whole market has been sealed. People are gathering around the central plaza where the active bomb is placed. It is placed on a motorcycle. An army soldier in a bomb suit of bomb diffusing department of the Indonesian army is desperately trying to inactivate the bomb. Another soldier comes towards him with a concerning face.

"Sub Commander Jack! What do you think? Can you diffuse it?"

Jack looks back. The sweat droplets can still be seen even under his helmet.

"No! No matter how much I try, I still cannot find the receiver. X-Ray results also aren't showing anything! What about Major Sam? Do you have any news about him, Michael?"

"No news from him. His phone is switched off. I think we should clear the whole market just in case."

"Hmmm... Do that. And also try to reach major continuously."

Where are you in this situation major! We need you. Only you can save us now.

At that moment, when all the public around the area are panicking and in constant fear, a piercing sound of a bullet motorbike is heard. A man in his thirties is riding the bike. He is in army attire. He stops the bike in front of the patrol army jeep and walks through the gathering. Jack looks behind him and immediately his expression changes. He has an expression of hope on his face. That guy smirks at Jack.

"Looks like you all can't do anything without me. What a useless team I have!"

Jack sighs in relief and walks towards him with a set of the instrument.

"Where have you been, Major Sam?"

"Who knows! So what is the situation?"

Michael comes forward hurriedly to explain.

"We can't understand anything, sir. On the out, looks like the GGO server with the switch. But we can't locate the receiver. X-Ray report is also showing nothing!"

"Okay, good job. You all fall back. I will handle it now."

"Yes sir!"

Sam bends down in front of the bomb and starts playing with it like it is some kind of toy.

A newly recruited member of the team hurriedly tries to run towards Sam but gets blocked by Michael.

" What are you doing, now kiddo? Did you not hear major's command?"

"No sir! Don't get me wrong. Major has forgotten his bomb suit. It is dangerous. So I was just trying to give him the suit."

Michael laughs casually. He throws a look at the member as if the latter is a lamb that has entered the den of a tiger without knowing the tiger's personality.

"What is your name?"

"Ron Hensley, sir!"

" Oh! So, Ron, you don't have to bring it to him. Cause, he will not wear it."

"But sir!"

"Just wait and watch!"

Sam is handing the bomb circuits so delicately as if he is playing some string instrument. What a calm and peaceful expression he has on his face! But his eyes are showing a thrilling excitement.

Ron gathers his courage asks Michael, "Sir! Is he the same major Sam Brook who has the most record of bomb diffuses in the world?"

"Yep, it is him! 97 bombs in total only in his thirties. It is his 98th bomb. He hugs the bomb as if he is hugging his girlfriend."

"Sir, is that why everyone calls him The Man Who Cannot Die?"

"Yeah! You know what, everyone will eventually die someday. He will die too. But I have never seen the fear of death in his eyes. He is a man I truly respect."

Sam slowly analyses the circuit and cuts a yellow threat. Then he takes a deep breath and looks back.

"Jack, Michael! Come here."

They come running towards him with a relief face. Sam smiles back.

"See! The receiver was hidden in the RDX and it was well hidden by lead metal."

"So that is why X-Ray can't detect it!"

"Correct! Now open the market. I have two days off, so I am going to the mountains area for refreshments. Call me if anything happens."

"Okay, sir!"

Sam walks towards his bike. Then with the piercing sound, he leaves the area. Cutting through the cold air, his bike speeds in the wavy mountain road.

Usually, after defeating a bomb, any man would have a satisfactory victory smile on their face. But every time Sam survives, no one knows why, he always has a melancholic expression. Like, he is trying to die in that place.

Sam stops his bike beside a lake and sets his camp there. The night passes and the dawn follows it. Sam comes out of the tent and sits beside the campfire.

He is just staring at the vast mountain range when he notices a very young lady in her tracksuit comes jogging towards a large boulder of stone, the opposite side of the lake. Then she hurriedly climbs the boulder. Suddenly, she unzips her suit. Her pale body in the swimsuit can be seen from far. Sam is watching the whole drama curiously. Then the lady suddenly jumps into the cold lake water. Sam is shocked. In this cold December, is she trying to swim? He can't imagine anything.

"Help! Please help me! I can't swim! I am dying!"

If you don't know how to swim, who told you to do such bravery?

Sam notices a camera has been set up on the bank of the lake.

Hmmm... Must be a prank! How daring is she!

" Help me! I am choking!"

Suddenly the lady can't be seen on the water surface. She is drowning.

Oh no! Maybe she doesn't know how to swim!

Sam jumps into the bone shivering cold water. Holding the lady in his one arm, he comes out of the water. The whole body of the lady is frozen cold. She is breathing unsteadily. He lays the girl on her back and tilts her chin and head backward to help clear her airway. The girl coughs and slowly opens her eyes. She is shivering badly from the cold. Sam wraps his coat around her and brings a cup of hot tea, he was brewing for him. The lady takes the cup angrily from him.

"Are you mad? What were you thinking? I could have died! I cried aloud for help but you just stared at me like it's none of your business! "

Sam is silent. There is no change in facial expression.

" Why are you silent? You are wearing army attire, so must be a soldier. Don't you all take an oath that you will take priority of a citizen's life over your own life! Where was that?"

Sam slowly packs his luggage and walks towards his bike. He does not feel any importance to utter a single word.

"Hey! Are you mute? I was only a step away from losing my life. Are you even listening!"

She glares at him. Sam starts his bike and leaves her there.

"I can't believe this! He just left me behind here like this? I will not forget you, fish head!"

Hello everyone. This is my first romance novel. I hope everyone will support me. Don't forget to comment and vote before going to the next chapter!

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