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Something horrble happens and it takes a while to adjust

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Wind in my hair

I used to be an only until my mom cheated on my father and her birth dad died my life after that was so fucked up and she doesn't realize that I get better treatment from my dad todd because she isn't his kid he shouldn't be taking care of her I pissed at my mom cause unlike her kid she knows about the damage she caused and still thinks she deserves a sorry fron us she ruined our lives at some point me and gabby grew on each other and we became friends but she started taking friends instead of making her own I said that if mom wasn't going to say sorry and gabby didn't stop stealing my friends me and dad should kick them out sadly it came to that it's been a few years since then and now I'm a horse rider gabby is a youtuber our dad is a artist and my mom sadly is in prison for thefth but at least I have the wind in my hair

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