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Join 15 year old Tanisha Rees in a devilish journey as she tries to figure out the incident that led her to the afterlife.

Horror Teen horror Not for children under 13.
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Nightmare or Warning?

I was just a normal 15 year old teenager with a lot of friends and kinda rich but one day that all changed, one day I was walking home from school when suddenly a car hit me and I went flying to the floor.

After that Tanisha passed out because after she woke up again all she saw was nothing but black thick mist. Nothing but wind was heard amongst the atmostphere.

Once the mist cleared Tanisha noticed that her high school was standing right in front of her.

She didn't know what was happening until she decided to walk in.

When she entred the reception area Tanisha saw lots of photos of her on the wall with blood in them, along with her mum, dad and cousin, and there were lots of rotted corpses. Tanisha could hear the flies buzzing around. She could even hear the blood from the pictures dripping on the floor. It made her very very sick.

It was very creepy and it felt like someone was trying to send Tanisha a warning.

She knew that wasn't all as someone had somehow snuck behind Tanisha and threw a sword at her head but luckily the blade didn't hit her, and it knocked Tanisha out.

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