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Angel Jones came back from London to her old neighborhood after 5 years things have changed alot but she's ready to face such challenges and stand up to some people join her in her adventure.... Remember don't judge a book by its cover try to read the first chapter ...frenchy_stories Hugs and kisses filled with colours 🥺✨🌈🥰

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Chapter One

I can't believe we are back.Its been so long approximately 5 years to be exact.

"Angel come down!"my mum shouted from downstairs I immediately facepalmed I've been completely lost in my thoughts I'm back to my old house the room is a little small though same old patio..I wonder what I've missed oh my God it's been five years now of course they are so many things I wonder how I'll cope I got this really strange knot in my stomach and I really wish it would go away...

"Angel?!"my mum shouted once more. I quickly rushed down to her to help unpack it was very stressful and I immediately fell asleep.

"So I have to go back" I said trying to get what my mum was saying into my head.

"Honey sweetie no problem I've submitted everything you just have to go now and they are very excited to see you again"my mum said with a smile. I sighed with all that have happened during the past 5 years the smile was very reassuring

"Alright then" I said pecking her cheeks before leaving. The streets felt lonely new faces everywhere. Well it has been quite a long time I cannot believe what I was expecting.

Honk!Honk!Honk! ahh I almost jumped out of the road when a red sports car scared the living crap out of me. what the! skinny long legs came out of her car..

"oh my God it's you Angel! Ahh I can't believe it you gotta be kidding me" The girl blabbered on and on but I've got no slightest memory of her I guess I should just wait for her to realize she's been talking all by herself but at this point I doubt she'll figure that out. "oh silly me" she said facepalming herself she looked beautiful wearing a red jumpsuit and white Jordan her hair was tied into a bun and her necklace were the words incripted Cassie no way! Cassie

"Cassie!" I gasped in awe making Cassie giggle oh my God I can't believe I almost didn't recognize her so many things have happened these past years.

"Yes Cassie you're going to school right c'mon hope in we got a lot to talk about like aloot" She said before starting up the car driving straight to the open gates of Phoneix high school it was much more bigger than before though I really thought it would be smaller you know normal basic stuff about adaptability and growth or whatever but it was so stunning I couldn't believe I went to the school once upon a time and now am back here.

Cassie parked her car in a few minutes before we went inside I couldn't help but stand and stare the students the teachers the everything that made Phoneix I can't believe but it's amazing so so amazing. "so many things have changed Angie" Cassie said before she chuckled slightly few minutes later we went to class.

"This is Angel Jones a former student of Phoneix high she's back to finish the year with you guys please make her feel at home once more" Mrs Smith said I waved before sitting down next to Cassie..


"Angie this is Richard, Oliver, Daniel and Luke" Cassie introduced the obvious ' every girl'sdream' boys guess she lived up to her dream the it girl every girl wanna be me and every guy wants me I guess it's all good I simply waved

"Angel.. Cassie calls me Angie" I said. Not sure if they are interested soon enough 3 girls came directly for the table.

"Hey guys....Whose this??!" The blonde haired girl said obviously displeased by my existence I don't even know her and she's already attacking me I'm not sure I'll be able to handle this.

"She's..."Before Cassie could say anything I interrupted her politely with an apologetic smile.

"I'm Angel nice to meet you" I said with the most sarcastic tone that contoured her cakey face with a frown. she faked a smile "Ruth ,Elaine and Jane" she introduced herself and the two other girls who didn't acknowledge me but obviously swooning at the guys who were on their phones. I simply nodded at her brief introduction. minutes later the alarm went off the lunch break was over....

it's frenchy stories proudly plubishing my first work I hope I don't regret any minute of it drop a comment if you want chapter two because the continuity of this stories depends on your feedback don't forget to follow first 3-5 people get a follow back. HUGS AMD KISSES FILLED WITH COLOURS 🌈✨🌺

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To be continued... New chapter Every week.

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