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Two girls, twins kidnap a famous writer to have him as a sexual object and satisfy themselves, but events become confusing for the kidnapped and he ends up falling in love with the two girls.

Erotica For over 18 only.

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It all started with an obsession

Some stories are often about how a girl or boy met the person who will spend the rest of their days with him or her. This story is somewhat different, since it does not have a crush on the naked eye, but is like a strange syndrome, that of Stockholm, which occurs when being kidnapped and later falling in love with him or the kidnapper, that is exactly what this story is about.

He was a simple man, despite the millions of him in the bank for famous novels that he wrote. Some were of great renown, others had even been adapted for the cinema. He had more than thirty novels written and another fifteen to be published. The day that said writer, named Richard Lotus, was kidnapped, it was a quiet day for him; He was walking down the sidewalk to his favorite grocery store, just to buy a gallon of milk so he could enjoy a good coffee, but what Richard did not count on was that strong blow to the back of his neck, which left on the ground unconscious and without the possibility of knowing what had happened. Two slender figures, the inert Richard climbed into a black truck, the kind that kidnappers often use in novels and even movies. Although there are those who say that they are usually used in real life.

Richard had been bound and gagged, his eyes were also covered and tied to a post about the same height as him; one meter eighty. The girls traveled for at least two hours to the outskirts of the Twelfth City of the Fifteenth Ward so that they could hold Richard captive and do whatever they pleased with him.

The basement of the house was somewhat wide, it had the pillars that supported the roof of the same place. There was a bed where Richard lay tied hand and foot to said structure. It had been equipped two months before with a bathroom with shower and toilet, there was also a small cupboard where the food that had been destined for the writer waited to be eaten. There were no windows, but an air conditioning worked and kept the place cool in the middle of April.

—It was my plan, I must have it first —said a very beautiful female voice coming down the stairs that led to the basement.

—Okay, but I'll have it later —the other girl said.

They were both the same, both in appearance and voice. The twin sisters of the city had planned the kidnapping after Richard showed up at the mall, they too at that moment stole a kiss and were fascinated, however, the one who was most obsessed was María, the girl who planned From beginning to end of the kidnapping, her sister Ana only supported her because she thought it was fun.

—Will you let him come inside of you? —Asked Ana.

Her sister smiled lustfully. Her body cried out for pleasure and she would grant it to him with the person she most desired in the world.

—It's possible, but I don't think I can get pregnant —she answered excitedly.

—Because you said so?

—Well, I can't, that's why—she said simply.

She undressed, revealing her pale body, her big breasts and her statuesque legs. She worked very hard in the gym to maintain her perfect and beautiful figure so that those who were worthy of her could observe her.

—Come on —said Ana, also taking off her clothes. Like her sister, she was also slim and striking.

They walked a few meters and were at the foot of the bed, ready to abuse a man who lay unconscious tied to a bed without knowing what he would bring.

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