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It's normal to be different from everyone else. That's kind of ironic since being different is normal. However, things like age, skin tone, hair colour or ethnicity don't compare to how Karma Callaway is different from his friends. Whilst following him through all the action, antics and horror leading up to an experiment that would have destroyed everything he cared about, an unlikely force decides to team up with Karma in order for him to prevent this…

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Living on the dark island of Herraville wasn’t necessarily scary but it definitely was an interesting place. It was always dark at around five o’clock as if there was no such thing as summer: however, it rarely ever rained. The streetlights were usually dim or flickering while others just refused to work. Most buildings were old and haven’t been rebuilt into newer models, therefore, making housing very cheap, that’s mostly why Karma’s parents recommended he stay here (even though he was offered a job here so what choice did he really have). The models were old though, not the technology. Despite that, something strange happened a year ago, a giant prison-skyscraper building that sat right on the centre of Herraville was rebuilt into something you would only see in sci-fi movies. That caused multiple riots and crime rates began to rise since then and, to be honest, they haven’t shown signs of slowing down.

Karma and his friends would always be greeted by a new news story of someone, or a group of people being arrested by the police. Though the police were doing a good job in catching the criminals, they still were doing a horrible job in keeping the crime rate down. Around six months ago, a murder group rose out from the shadows, and they began taking the lives of police officers. They call themselves D.I.I which is an acronym for “Death is Inevitable''. They claimed that, until the ruler of the island: Lord Robert Sweeney, does anything to improve the streets and buildings in Herraville, police officers will continue to die. Despite the threat, Robert Sweeney openly refused to meet their demands and instead, threatened to call the island’s military to do a thorough search of the island to hunt down everyone linked to the murder group.

Karma worked at a regular office job earning a standard wage with friends Mitchell-Lee Johnson and Becky Silver. Becky and Mitchell were together in a relationship despite their contrasting personalities. Mitchell is an extrovert and always makes sure his opinion is heard even if it isn’t important. He is a caring person and can always do something to make someone else smile. On the other hand, Beck is an introvert and is always on her phone. She will rarely speak to people and will only ever say something when it is important, helpful, or obvious even if it hurts others. But she is also not afraid to stand up to people who hurt her or her friends.

Karma’s friend group also includes Hayden Dexter, Elizabeth (Liz) Palmer and Toby Ivey who all have their own individual jobs. Hayden and Liz are together, but they recently had a small argument that Karma was set the task of resolving. Mitchell was freaking out because he had to lend his car to his mother for two weeks and had no way of getting to work. And Toby was just never showing up to group congregations or responding to anybody’s text messages.

There were so many small problems going on, but nobody would’ve been able to see what all of this could lead up to…

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