rhonda chambers

A girl finds out her mother's habit and the dad takes it too far

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Where It All Started

My name is Lia and I'm telling a story about how my mther's unhealthy habits sent my father to prison

It all started 07\10\12 my dad has had mad days my whole childhoo when mad he'd take his anger out on me it was stupid one day my parents wanted the weekend away from me so my 18 year old brother at the time was babysitting I was a little upset because saturday was my birthday and they wouldn't even be here but they had said sorry once they got back I pretended like I was okay so they would stop crying and saying sorry I few weeks later I found out my mom had a habit of cutting herself I still remember the day I saw her do it my father wasn't happy he decided to prank and say that a robber is using her cutting habit as an advantage later he heard that my mom cheated that's not true she just wanted to see if he'd stay in his little act but he took off the mask and said she deserved this I got so scared but my older bother who was still here had called the police and they barged in and handcuffed him and found him guilty now I'm 13 and my brother is 20 our mom is doing a lot better but my dad is still paying a life sentence to this day

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