rhonda chambers

After a messy breakup mia has to get out of town before her crazy ex gets her

Thriller/Mystery Not for children under 13. © You may do a remix of the book but the is mine so do not claim it as yours
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When People Start To Hurt

This book isnt for kids below the age of 13

Hi my name is mia and I'm here to tell you how a messy breakup turned into a murder story

It all started when I caught my boyfriend having sex with my best friend I barge in and started throwing his stuff all over the mud and just went crazy then a few weeks go by and he's already trying to get back into my life I wanted to strangle him so bad then one week later he broke into my house and set up this creepy weird dinner date in the living room I was so shaken and so scared I thought he was trying to make things right but then he put his hand on my thigh grabbing it tighter and tighter I told him to leave once gone I gathered myself back together still shaken from what happend but I forgot about it because he didn't mean anything to me anymore but I meant a lot to hin

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