rhonda chambers

A very special girl is looking for her sister that went missing 6 years ago she faces challenges along the way but in the end her love for her sister pays off

Drama All public. © You may do a remix of the story but this is my book and you cant use it as yours

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Alice Is Missing

My name is sophia I've been a runaway for as long as I can remember I left my family in search of my sister I wish that my family would understand that I left in search of the kid they didn't want alice was a good kid compared to me she was getting straight a's while I was getting c's and f's yet they were more proud of me then they ever were for her a lot of people say my sister left town cause I hated her no me and alice were best friends nothing broke our friendship apart there were times my parents paid attention to alice but it was only to curse and scream and call her names I will always wonder my parents did what they did but one things for sure she is going to get found

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