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If someone told you the exact day you would die, would you be ready when the said date was upon you? I for sure wasn't, of course, I never believed the person when they told me anyway... I mean who would right? It was a warm summer evening and I was walking down Doyle street. I stopped at a newspaper stand and was looking at the front page when I was tapped on the shoulder "excuse me, sir, may I have a word with you?" I turned around and it was a dirty homeless woman, her hair was brown and long, it came to about the middle of her back, her eyes were a bright green and her clothes looked worn and filthy. I don't recall how long I stared at her shocked but I finally said: "yes you may." We stepped aside and she told me she recognized me from a dream she had recently. "Your Michael Drone aren't you?" She asked. This immediately spooked me, how did this lady know my name? I had no clue but I said: "yes it is." "I've been given your date of death." She told me. "Would you like to know the date?" She asked me with great interest. I looked her over for a minute, she had to be able to tell I thought she was crazy, I said: "enlighten me." She held her hand out and said: "sorry sir but given my circumstance, it will cost you five dollars." Now I was getting irritated with her I said as nicely as I could "look, lady if you needed five dollars you could have just asked me, no need to make up a lie." If looks could kill, this Lady's hateful look would have pierced my brain like a bullet. She said in an angry tone "I never lie about my visions Michael." The way she said my name as she knew me for years gave me goosebumps. I reached into my back pocket and pulled my wallet out. I opened it and grabbed a ten-dollar bill out and put it in the lady's hand, she took this very seriously. She took the ten dollars and put it in her pocket. She said very sincerely, "December, 25th, 2018, you will be struck by a car, however, do not be scared of death, Your story will not end there." I looked at her unbelievingly, Christmas day this lady believes I will die. I laughed inside at this but I said: "thank you very much, and have a wonderful day." I smiled at her as I walked away. Now that I look back, I really should have taken her seriously.

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