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only I know thyself from within.

I know that you need Me ,but overstand this I can't be in all places physically I'm everywhere Spiritually. I Meditate for your higher calling to lift you out of the physical damage that you are currently experiencing and to restore balance for the Soul and the body. We can change the sceneries outside of us from within if you're not afraid to tap in the spiritual realm of life. See life for what it naturally is not what someone says it is only by the eye of the natural not the eyes of Man. Yes everything I have read across the media is so disturbing that I had to calm the storm that was meant to wipe it down because I know somewhere there is Correction. For those who committed Murder towards a Child will automatically receive Life without the possibility of parole for everyday you will work and live in a grave yard taking the life of a Melanated Child is automatic death within and don't confuse the inside with the outside. Spiritually is where your judgement begins......

You've Fucked with the Wrong #SoulsofMelanin long enough playing around like spells aren't real what you offer has no power don't give me the bullshit on flipping words and your feelings cause they are closed with no Mercy to even recognize that you have any. This is rundown..... Every Female Ase' Every Male Ase' that is one with the Melanated Kommunity to be released from physical Chains and bounds of charges. Charges that doesn't involve Murder towards anyone and those who have been charged with murder must be proven innocent there must be proof that they're not guilty. So the cases that are on your desk that are naturally innocent and you just letting it sit there open those files and release the people. Drugs so you call them especially Ganja the only drug crested is the one you have to become the chemist within self to to create it so weed it's roll it light it up smoke it up inhale exhale not spoons and pipes Drug Charges are Dropped, Tax charges are dropped. Everyone will go through an evaluation of healing. All this locking people up for your emotions is out the window. For those eligible for release be given one point two million for your corrupted system neglecting power . Put your guns up when you fight you fight fist to fist not Gun against Fist that's some Bitch Caucasoid Shyt (BitchNiggaShyt) Don't let your Job get you Fucked Up the only job you have is to protect the people from harm, being that your system was built off of a plantation that even though the uniform, and the change of the badge is still the same sons of bitches riding a horse with a whip and needing an ass whipping for being Retarded. I expect housing for the Elderly homeless first they'll have a choice between a home of their own or to be in a retirement home either or the choice is there's. For Families and Single adults that are homeless receive homes as well make sure this is being multitasked work on two or three at a time. Five Thousand a Month for each individual That check Starts November 1,2021

Motor Vehicles that are just sitting on the lot must be given to families #CleantheLot of every vehicle and create more from there the new ones will be ready for purchase but the one you have now donate them to those who need them. Hospital for Melanin Souls only this is personal innerstand healing and to work on ourselves spiritual so pipe down on talking shit cause I hear you. There ain't no ands Ifs or buts about it. Every sculpture taken from Melanated lands be removed from your museums and Raturned back to where it was stolen. Children will have schools that teach them who they are and will only be taught by their own. Mental health will be practiced by it's own. For each person of Melanin Reparations of one billion dollars each family shall receive and land of their choice. You will be evaluated due to manipulation, ignorance, Hate, Crimes, Theft, Murder, unstable Emotional delusional Actions. You have a Natural Mental Problem 🤣 and you use the bullshit to cover it up but it's always stinking up the planet everywhere you go you bring that miserable energy. Listen to the music you promote there is no positivity for the young minds that are nothing but sponges being taught by a bunch of idiots. There I said it. Get the Ball in the goal and shut the fuck up complaining about what you've just read turn the machine on and make my money release My people and do your fucking job you work for me now. It's Time to fix you. Caucasians I don't owe you any explanation for you being fucked up I no one wants to deal with your shit anymore it just needed to be told to you. Fix the potholes clean up the land build new homes grow food 🥑 remove the shit you put in the air until then no flights until chemtrails no longer exists. If you have any questions feel free to contact the ships above cause they will fix what's below. I expect people to be debt free credit score roll over #CreditScoreRollOver Sip you some Kool Juice and get to work. No one left behind except those afraid to catch up. Ase'


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