"Out of the blue, the unexpected darkness which was a fantasy, becomes a reality." Accidentally, a terrific virus has been discovered from a meteorite fallen from the space. The virus leads to the end of the humanity. In a world where violence and bloodlust have replaced the way of living, the survivors are quelling their fear to leave. The dreams and goals of the survivors are the same now for all of their goal is to quell the fear and survive. On the top of quelling the fear of zombie for the human, there is another creature which are powerful but low majority who quenches its thirst with human blood, is in search of humans. This makes the survivors even worse to find a way for surviving. "I would bury myself alive underneath the earth instead of lying on the ground as an eaten and spoiled body." .............

Post-apocalyptic All public. © Putting my heart and soul, I have written this story originally and this is my first work here so this story cannot be copied or republished without my proper permission. All the right deserved by Del Maibam (myself)

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Three weeks later~

"Leave me!" he shouted pulling her hands away from his palm.

"Don't act like a hero in movies! This is reality," she scolded him looking at his eyes with concern.

"If he wants to be left here, why bother him? Let's fucking get out of here before we all die," the singer said chuckling.

Everyone gazed at her with disappointment. This is how you are actually like in reality!

Before Three weeks~

I rode down the road with bicycle humming music. A little ride later, there he was waiting for me and he then waved at me with his left arm along with a lightened smile. I parked my bicycle just before him.

I asked as I got down from the cycle, "Where is your cycle?"

"At the workshop, " he replied.

"I crashed with a bike yesterday, " he added.

"No wonder you got bandages all over your right arm. Shit! Look at you," I chuckled pointing at the bruise near his lips which made him look like he'd got ketchup on it.

"I know," he chuckled too as he sat on the back seat of my cycle.

He looked at me, " What are you waiting for? You have to ride with me today. Don't you see this?"

I laughed, " You kidding me? What is your weight?"

Then, he started his overreacting that he started fake-crying,

"How could you? I am your bestfriend, you can't even at least-"

Before he finished speaking, I scolded him as I got on my seat, "Shut it already! I hate that fake crying boo or sob thing, humph! Hold tight or you will hurt ur left arm too. Don't blame me later if we are late."

He smiled, " Actually, I have to overact whenever you are about to reject my favor. You accept it if and only if I do that." He then hold my waist.

"Put your hands off my waist!"

"But u told me to hold u!"

"Oh well, you are tickling me."

"No, I wasn't."

"Yes, you are!"

"Whatever, ride now or else I will blame u for reaching school late."

"Humph! You are so heavy."

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