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“Welcome to Arcade Venture, the only entertainment adventures that leave you wanting more, step onto the ring, and feel the movement drawing you in,” The machine flashes once more… “What is happening, Sir?” Both our confusions gasp and before we know it… our figures disappear.

Adventure For over 18 only.

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Introduction -- Jade Peters

I tug myself more underneath the blanket, barring the sound of my parents fighting once more...

As depleted as I feel, it feels to me as though my parents never tire of fighting...

About what, I don’t know anymore. To me hearing, it sounds like their 18 years of marriage will end soon.

I cannot remember the last time. We held hands around the table, or played in the park, or even danced and sing together like we used to when I was still a child.

Nowadays, all they do is argue about commercial matters, and me... performing strange to them...

I cover my head and tries my hardest to stall out their voices. My parents don’t even care to hide their natural feelings before me anymore.

My mother, Urisla, is a beautiful brown-haired gal, her piercing brown eyes can demand sometimes and to me, they scare me completely.

As were my father, Gabe doesn’t at all... his black short hair and blue eyes calm one completely.

But nowadays, all I can hear is screaming and frustration filling the air... since my father lost his job two weeks ago, mother has been ranting how father should search another, but with his musical skills, he struggles.

All emotions break loose inside of me, they’re demanding tones, “I can’t take this anymore... all you do is fight. When was the last time you tried to get along?”

Their shock faces land on me, steam blows from my ears, fist-pumping on my side.

“Excuse me? This matter doesn’t include you, Jade, you know better than too...”

“To what? Hide in my room, because all you do is fight? I hate this, I hate dealing with these feelings,”

I interruptedly spat towards mother. For all the things in the world, I cannot handle watching my parents throw their marriage away.

Dad throws blinks between us, for my sake, he knows that what they are doing is wrong... since he lost his job, we couldn’t effort the beautiful, 2 story white house, we had to move into a crimp flat,

With just enough room for one sofa, a television stand, a minor dinner table... as for the rooms, it contains compact space.

However, I always appreciated that my parents take me into mind, but in the last two weeks, they didn’t much.

“Jade, honey...” I spin my attention away from them, hugging myself coldly “Don’t honey me mom, you know I am right.”

Within seconds, support wrap around my steaming cheekbones, “We don’t mean to sweetie, dad, and I j-just have... issues,”

I don’t dare peek at mother, demanding eyes battling their way through my closed eyelids, “I d-don’t care, just l-leave me alone,”

I escape her grip and force my wobbles to my room.

“Jade, get back here,” I slam my door close and hide underneath my cover.

My door flies open, seconds later, “You are going to your Aunt in Texas,”

I flip the cover off me steaming, “What? You can’t just send me away, mom, it’s unfair,”

“Unfair? Don’t be so dramatic Jade, we have been trying to deal with you for a long time, you sneak at night, you cause trouble with those two boys, you refuse to listen to us.”

I still refuse to look at mother, “I listen, mom, when last did you or dad listen to what I want?”

I can feel her burning eyes on my closed eyelids, “You are going to your Aunt and that is the finale,”

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