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Taking place after Season 5, Nicole, now have graduate college, is enjoying her life as a beginner scientist. When rifts begin popping up and causing problems, she must team up with her dimensional counterpart to save the Universe.

Adventure Not for children under 13.

#mystery #romance #suspense #space #drama #adventure #hurt #action #ratchetandclank #drnefarious #ratchet #clank #rivet
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Chapter One

Nicole checked her face for anything wrong with her makeup. She was finally going to get that degree in science. She thought that college would swallow her whole and spit her out, but did she not prove herself wrong.

"Dad, come on, we are going to get there late"

Nicole said annoyingly, turning to her fathers bedroom door.

"Alright, just give me a minute"

He said, as he walked out of the room and yanked at the necktie. Nicole rushed over and loosened it, which made him more comfortable.

"There, don't need you choking to death at my graduation party later tonight"

Nicole said, before they both made their way to the college grounds for the graduation ceremony was. Upon arriving and finally getting her degree, Nicole felt proud that she succeeded her studies to become what her father wanted her to be.

"I'm so proud of you, baby doll"

Her father said, as he hugged her tightly.

"Thanks, you know how hard I worked for this and I feel great to have achieved it"

Nicole said, waving her degree around in her hand. He smirked and nodded hid head.

"Now, that the ceremony is out of the way, are you ready to party with your friends?"

Nicole smiled widely and nodded as she raced over to Meia and Veia, who were talking to their parents.

"You girls ready for a night of fun because I'm down"

Nicole said, the 2 turning to look at her.

"You know it, I'm down for some good old-fashioned partying"

Said Veia as she dragged the 2 girls off away from the campus to the nightclub.

Once they arrived, they danced, drank and had a good time. When they were walking back to Veia and Meia's apartment, they saw a weird purple light in the sky.

"What is that?"

Meia said, pointing at it.

Nicole focused her eyes sharply on it, but knew it couldn't be good.

"I have no idea, but I better let the Rangers and my dad know about it. You girls go home and stay safe"

Nicole said, as she boarded her hoverboard, flying off toward the Hall of Heroes.

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I can't wait for more.
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    :D All Proof Read chapters are available now :D August 01, 2021, 20:50
  • Sammy Alle Sammy Alle
    :D All Proof Read chapters are available now :D August 01, 2021, 20:50

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