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Be grateful no matter how small the package. You have no idea what the person did to accommodate you!

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Jesus did a lot for the ten men who he healed of leprosy. One returned to offer his appreciation of all.

We, well most of us have read about the life and death of Christ. A good number more might find reason to accept what he did and knowingly seek Him to correct our lives. In this next few words it may take a turn, as I seek to bring this thought a mite closer to our own lives.

Gifts comes in all sizes. Tokens too. The giver is often seen as the more blessed than the recipient. Why? You chew on that.

Do you believe that person's should have to actually tell you thanks or do you project this attitude that you deserve thanks?

Give! If you are giving do it because it makes you feel right!

Gratitude is the person who in themselves can't do anything for you... to offer, except to say thanks.

But.. I wonder, do you get it? do not go looking for it. Gratitude comes home, to the one who isn't looking for it.

So, when you receive a gift, it should not repel you what the contents are.

Remember how Jesus got ridiculed, spat on, a crown of thorns, nails in his hands and feet, sword to his side. Not to mention all the rejection he bore as a man, in the image of a lamb.. God on earth, gave his life but many are not grateful for what he did.

The other side is, for us what doors He opened, or closed because they would hurt you, or some he allowed temporarily because you didn't have who to help you then. Neither do you understand how he cleared the way and held up busses or trains or create some storm to keep you from dangers across the way.

Same like manner those who goes to lengths to get you what they brought you.. if they stole it does it make the gift worthy? You decide however you want to accept it. Would you ask them if they stole it? That would be rude!

The point is: You are given a gift. You have no idea how or what they did to offer it to you! So be grateful!!!

Not all gifts comes in a package. Others may be kind deeds or charity. But hear me now, in whatever state it makes it's way to you... accept it and bless it! Amen?

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To be continued... New chapter Every Friday.

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