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If you came here and did read this page I hope you follow me here so I can follow you home! Now. I love humor and laugh at pretty much anything and it can be embarrassing.

At this moment I need to go use the human waste eliminator but those people who I share this house with seems to wake up and got trapped in the bathroom! I needed to use it for the last 2 hours! ๐Ÿ˜ณ! I sure hope my body don't think or feel I'm sabotaging it!

Do you have this problem where you are?

When your house has 2 bathroom and you're limited to only one!

Your brain already has put in it's resignation, while the other committee members are plotting how they are going to eliminate you from someone's list.. of favorites.

Ok. I gotta go. I really have to go.

You are aware of that pressure. And those or that sense kicking you to rise up?

Before you flop... a message must be sent from your digestive system to your brain it's got an incoming... that's outgoing. If you work in an office you know this. So the mental part is easy. Incoming, outgoing.

Now, the mailroom is getting overcrowded and something is creating a backup. The unserved office responsible for this work just folded it's hands and this gets to the CEO that something is wrong or we are short staffed. So what's to be done? Regardless of what this area has to do and how simple, it plays and important role in the running of your body and business.

So when you got to go... hit it!

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To be continued... New chapter Every 10 days.

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