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Shikar (A Dangerous Love Story ) Book 1 The story that sweeps through time, Story about love and dignity. Story about a young girl who is mysteriously webbed in her past life, how her own life suffocates her to death and how she manages to escape and fight the evil... She was rich, beautiful, the most lovable girl in the town. She helped her Mother run their family business while she was still studying in her final year of business management. Her life was going smooth, she was happy and satisfied, nothing was wrong until he saw her one day.....

Horror Ghost stories For over 18 only.

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Chapter 1

Chandni started kicking the door of her car while standing in the rain "this stupid car had to stop in this rain. what should I do now?"

This was the second time in a week that her car ditched her. Feeling awfully sad she glanced around for some help, but she knew not many people would walk at this hour and that too in a silent town like hers.

Each drop of rain touched her soft shiny skin as it went through her clothes making them transparent. She has long black hair till her waist that were dripping wet. Finally, after giving good fifteen minutes of thinking, she thought of leaving the car and started walking.

“I must tell Mom; I won’t drive this car anymore.”

Chandni took out her cell phone, it wasn’t any fancy phone but a very ordinary one, she hates carrying phones "mom you have to send a car right now. I am walking on the main road connecting the inland tea estate and I can't see any taxi here plus I am all wet in this rain."

Chandni’s Mother Meenakshi smiled while answering the phone, she knew Chandni will complain but will not agree to get rid of her car "Don't worry Chandni, I am sending the driver soon”.

Furiously Chandni started walking on the lonely road, thankfully it wasn’t too cold today. She crossed her arms and tried to hug the thin long shirt tightly around her wet frame. Every part of her body revealed the beauty of its own. Chandni always looked mesmerizing, even in her college she was one famous girl for her attitude and beauty. She kept walking on her high heels. Whoever looked at her once could easily fall for her, but she never liked any man in her life, she simply hates men and never did she like talking to the opposite gender.

There was a big reason for that and that was her experience with her own Father. She reminisces everything that her Mother had to suffer because of her Father, the more she thought, angrier she got. Chandni was a strong girl who could face all the difficulties alone without taking anyone's help.

Far from a distance she saw the headlights of a car approaching, shortly the car stopped next to her. She looked at her Mother's old-fashioned car and slid at the back seat “let’s go” she commanded the driver. Being all wet, it was uncomfortable for her to sit. Chandni disliked rains but Darjeeling had rains more often and now she was used to it.

Soon she reached her house located far up the hill. Her dreamy eyes were looking for her Mother and Grandmother whom she loved the most. Her grandmother was old and indeed enjoyed gardening and praying.

her house was too big for the three ladies. There was one room for their maid servant who was working with them since years now.

Chandni rang the bell waiting for the door to open quickly.

“How long do you take to open the door Kamla?” Chandni shouted at her maid while wiping herself with the small towel that she picked up from the car.

“sorry baby, I was in the kitchen”.

Chandni shook her head and walked towards the lounge.

"mom, grandma where are you?" she said loudly while stepping in the main lounge. No matter how late it was, she made a point to see her Grandmother and Mother when she comes back home.

Chandni walked towards her Grandmother's room, she opened the door and saw her sleeping peacefully "she must have taken her medicine" Chandni said to herself.

Her Mother was still talking on the phone when Chandni opened the door. “Mom”

Meenakshi looked at her "you should change now; you will catch cold. Go fast, I will ask Kamla to make some coffee for you”.

Chandni's room was upstairs while her Mother and Grandmother had their rooms downstairs, they both found it difficult to climb the stairs.

Chandni opened her room. It was pitch dark, she turned on the lights. The room was really big, with one huge bed in the centre of the room, one large antique clock towards the right side of the bed, two bean bags were lying next to the bed, one large TV. Chandni loved watching TV while sleeping, there was a huge dressing table with different shades of lip colours, and her make up. Like any other girl Chandni was fond of herself.

She simply loved herself and she was proud of her beauty. There was no doubt she was indeed extremely beautiful. She took care of her nicely. She was disciplined and kept her things in place.

Chandni made it a point everyday she has bath, she didn’t had shower in her bathroom, she loves sitting in the bathtub for long.

Finally, she came out in a towel and sat in front of the dressing table, she was brushing her hair when Kamla knocked in... "baby your coffee"

Chandni "yes please keep on that table."

Kamla quietly kept on the table and left. Chandni wore her silk night dress and went towards her bed picking her cup of coffee. After few minutes she cosily went to sleep peacefully without even thinking the storm she would be facing soon in her life.


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