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Sweetness of live

The dawning dawn in its solemn silence

Opens with the tip of a ruddy day

Azure radiating with light

For a fleeting moment.

The whole horizon is enveloped in shadow,

The sun, throwing its dark point beams...

The courting dawn advances, full of sweetness

Everything conspires at once to distribut this slowness!

Nonchalant season, Clement in passing,

Birds flying overhead, rustling with their flight

Illuminated, irradiated with warmth,

It is the season of happiness.

To let oneself live according to the will of the appeased soul,

The heart still dares to blaze,

And not to confine these celestial dreams

In the air, a thousand fateful sounds.

The radiant day brings the hope of a life,

Where the sublime songs make us want!

A distant journey

Sharing desires in vain...

The sun touching the horizon

We are splashed with sunlight and make up our minds

Joy and peace accompany us modestly

To make it a commitment.

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