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Lily was an orphan. Her parents died in an accident when she was two years old. She lived in orphanage and studied well. She became a successful investigator. She had a supernatural power. She can see the anyone's past and future at her will. Her life changed when she was transferred to Phantasma , a city where supernatural things were occurring. She came to know about the dark secrets of her family and also gained new powers. With her old friends of college and new friends of the city, will she able to overcome all the problems of the city and find the love of her life?

Thriller/Mystery For over 18 only.

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New Beginning

Welcome everyone !
This story is the outcome of my imagination. All the characters and places mentioned in the story are a part of my imagination. Any resemblance with real people or places is a mere coincidence. No one can copy this story without the author's permission. Please don't copy from my story and be unique. There may be some grammar mistakes so I apologize ahead of time. Nobody is perfect and we all are just mere humans not machines. Please don't make an issue for mistakes. Other than these things I hope you all enjoy my story.


On a cold, dark winter night in 2001, a beam of light came from the sky and struck a piece of ground. The Eye of Grave surrounded by eight other circles opened. " The grave is the gate through which all the demons from this book can come out. They will become our slaves and we will rule the world." exclaimed the scientist. Beside him there was a magizoologist who was chanting prayers. He was repeating few lines,
" Chaushtics Haushpics
Jaguticozi Amuz
Wakker Wakker ......"
The magi
zoologist was repeating these prayers. There were some people behind the magizoologist who were chanting the same prayers. The demons started coming out of the ground. They started destroying their surroundings which included big trees and small plants.

Some other demons were also out whose dress were different from others. They saw that the magizoologist was chanting prayers. They noticed that those prayers were trying to control them and their army. They were getting weak so they rushed to him and killed him.

On seeing this, people who were behind the magizoologist tried to ran away but the army of demons killed them and ate them. The demons who killed the magizoologist turned to the scientist. They glanced at him from bottom to above and then turned themselves into human form. They walked towards the scientist who was stepping back in fear.

Meanwhile the Eye of Grave surrounded with eight circles closed. On seeing this the demons got more angry. The scientist in fear said, " Don't kill me. I...I.. I will help you to conquer the world. I will do whatever you say. The gate is closed. Now your other people can't come out but I will help you. I will open the gate once more. "

One of the demons came in front of him and said, " Only the blood of a child with a mixture of human and werewolf blood can open the gate. You have to find the child. " The scientist agreed with them as he had no other option and said that he would find the child at any cost.

After twenty-six years

Lily was in aeroplane going to Phantasma where she was transferred. Lily was an orphan. Her parents died in an accident when she was two years old. She lived in orphanage and studied well and became a successful investigator. She didn't remember anything about the accident or her parents. She only had a photograph of her parents behind which it was written,
" Please save our precious
daughter Lily. S
he is in
danger. "

Her Parents : Jack W
Mia Williams
s was her only memory of her parents. She had a supernatural power from birth. She can see the future and the past at her will.

As she grew up the strength of her power increased. Till then her longest time limit of seeing future and past was two days. She had solved many cases with the help of her power.

She arrived at the Phantasma during night. It was a quiet and scary place. At airport no one came to receive her. She never hoped that anyone would come. She saw some taxis parked in a line. It was very strange at the airport as there were very less or no crowd.

She thought of using her power but then dropped the idea as she remembered that last time when she saw a vision she fainted. She did not want to take a risk in a place with which she was not familiar. She took out a small piece of paper from her handbag in which an address was written. She headed towards the taxi which was parked first in the line.

She told the address to the taxi driver and argued with him to lower the fare. He agreed and he put her luggage inside the taxi. Lily sat into the taxi at the back seat. On her way she noticed that another taxi was chasing after her and shouting " Stop the taxi!!! Stop!! " . Lily asked her driver to stop the taxi but he ignored her and increased the speed. She shouted at him yet he didn't stop the taxi .

Lily closed her eyes to see what happened in the past. She was not able to see anything. It seemed that something stopped her to see the past. She concentrated and then saw that everyone who sat in the taxi died. She opened her eyes.

The driver behind her managed to overtake the taxi. The driver of the taxi in which she was sitting started to growl and his body started to reshape.

His human body disappeared and black smoke appeared. The smoke surrounded her. It imprisoned her into the taxi. It seemed that it will kill her. She was petrified. She never dealt with something like that. Suddenly the another driver broke the window of taxi and due to air the smoke started spreading. The driver was able to open the door and Lily came out of the taxi.

As soon as she came out, the smoke again hobbled her and she was left unconscious.


What's going to happen next? Will Lily be saved? Who will save her?

All your questions will be answered in the next part.

Hope you like my novel.

Please vote for it and comment below. ;-)

Here is a quote for your day :
"I want to see, what happens if I don't give up."

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