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A love story of a young writer is a very suspicious one. Like a writer, the story is also enclosed in a book which is written by the narrator's owner. The narrator of the story is Aditya's pen which remains hanging in his collar. Aditya is a young unsuccessful writer, but success came in life later, becoming the bestselling author of his love novel which is nothing but his own true story. Can Aditya complete his incomplete love story with Ahana? Earlier time took them close to each other but before they could confess anything, time took them apart. Read on to find out the journey of this untold love story, how time took them away from each other, and whether it gets to its perfect end?

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The Beginning

My master is a 19 year old boy who lives in house as a tenant in a single room. He is very good in studies, a scholar and an ambitious writer. but there is one fault, he is a very shy person who doesn't have the ability to make friends and that's the reason he has no friends in the new city even after spending two years here. Sorry I forgot to tell you his name. His name is Aditya Sharma, a person who lives alone wakes up early completes his routine peacefully and finally completes his lonely day.

One day when as usual I was marching with my master back to the room in his shirt's pocket, we saw a lot of cartons lying in the varanda but my master ignored it. As soon as he was about to open the room, a girl patted on his back and he suddenly got scared since he was in his own sense of imagination and worries. He turned back and saw —a girl with brown hairs, a bright smile and an admiring face that reflected politeness. The girl asked him for help in a polite manner. My master helped her in picking up the scattered things. After the work the girl thanked Aditya and offered him a handshake. And for my surprise, Aditya accepted the handshake from a girl for the first time. After a minute of introduction, I got to know that the girl's name was Ahana. This was when Aditya and Ahana met for the first time.

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olivia philip olivia philip
1 week ago
Kushal Singh Kushal Singh
Really awesome and smooth so far. Waiting for the next episode very eagerly.
May 17, 2021, 10:06

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