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Este vale a pena ler, venho contar uma pequena história real de minha vivencia, nela conto um pouco dos meus medos e coragens, meus jeito destemido e honrado, bom espero que gostem... <A history by me > Medos? Temores? Julgamentos?como posso descrever esse meu pequeno livro?,bom para começar teremos de que voltar ao passado e conta-lo passo a passo, sentimentos multuos e suas duras verdades... < WiseStore RDN >

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When i meet her

to be honest I met my dear love at our old school,I can remember of it so clearly, we were sat in our big bench, and there talking about everything,but I ever sruck in me, I didn't get move me,was a feeling of passion but on same time I was asking to me if she was liking of me, it was a thing so profane stuff,I was really apaixonated for her, but with my mistakes dones again,that i lost her for a long period of time, more or less 4 years without contact to her, I was so crazy in don't talk to her, I confess that I looked for her on Facebook, on Instagram but no signal of her, I was passing bad, and each day that I spent without be by her side, makes me strong, strong to try to find her again, but how could I find her again if I am so stuck in me, how could I do something which she likes, I don't known what is the her favorite color, or the best place that she likes...( To Be Continue )

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