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Mythological Fantasy/Poetry Inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons genré. Book 1 in the Trilogy.

Fantasy Epic All public. © © Michael W. Taylor

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The Beginning

A Bard's Tale Through the History

And Recodings of The SpellBorn.

Pt. 1 - The Begining

I was just a child when I

Received my first sword.

Practiced everyday until

my arms got sore.

I knew that I would grow

up as the warriors kind.

Strengthening my body

and preparing my mind.

Bards would sing about me

as the wine would flow.

Village children follow

me where ever I go.

Life as a swordsman,

An explorer, and a knight.

Fighting for my King, and

fighting things that prey at night.

Invaders flee and cowards

run, when they see my steel.

You know it's me, the only

one, with the Dragon's seal.

When I was just a baby

I was found next to a rock.

No ordinary rock,

and I was not part of the flock.

A stranger in a strange land,

I know not where I'm from.

Everything's a mystery,

I leave the sages dumb.

The only thing t'was

found with me, the rock that

which was forged.

It took the hottest of all

fires, to make it glow

bright orange.

No other earthly element

was stronger than my blade.

They cracked the shell

that cast a spell, that carries

on today.

The mark on my skin, my birth rite,

like ye ole tales of old.

I am The Spellborn.

An ancient prophecy unfolds.

To Be Continued...

January 24th. 2021©

Pt. 2 - The Escape

I was fast asleep when piercing

screams filled the night.

I had to rub my eyes because

the flames were so bright.

I stood in awe as bright orange

pillars of fire touched the sky.

My sword in hand, my steed

crossed land, I watched my

village die.

Adrenalin In our veins, as

pounding hooves on earth collide.

I clench tight on the reins,

Abscouding, find a place to hide.

Life for me, on the run

from something, yet unknown.

I can't escape my destiny,

Or so I have been told.

A stranger I have become again,

No place I go is safe.

I have to keep on moving,

In my sword I place my faith.

When I was drinking ale, on a

night of restless stars.

No ordinary star,

Lit the night up from afar.

A stranger's silouette appeared,

and sat down next to me.

He looked into my eyes and

this is what he said to thee.

' I know who you are, my child,

I know where you are from...

I was there when the earth

birthed you, and was spoke the

Dragon tongue.

The rock found lieing next to

you, A dragons frozen heart.

It's that which steady follows

you, and tears your world apart.'

Suddenly, he vanished, left

me staring at the mist.

I gulped down my last swallow

of ale, shocked by what I


My vengeance begins by firelight,

The oath I swore was made.

I am The Spellborn.

The result of magik, which forbade.

To Be Continued...

January 25th. 2021 ©

Pt. 3 - The Sickness

I was weak and weary when

a fever set in.

Heart filled with loneliness,

No country, No kin.

As I lay, memories started

flashing before my eyes.

I remember the man that saved

me, I never got to say goodbye.

I never invested time in love,

No mate to share a home.

Now, I am a hunted man,

for reasons still unknown.

Life as a Nomad,

An Abscounder, An exile.

Under cover of the darkness,

I have traveled many miles.

Now, the only thing in mind,

My ultimate nemesis.

I must recover, I must rise

to deliver the serpents kiss.

When I had much recovered,

from my fever and my woe.

My woe was not the ordinary

woe that people know.

I owe my thanks to a village

couple, found and hidden away.

Nursed me back to health

with mutton, garlic and comphrey.

The maiden recognized me,

yet, I am not from this land.

I questioned, how can this be?

I look like any other man.

She said she had a dream of

fire, a sword, and a dragons heart.

She helped me see, I am

worthy and the master of my art.

My strength it has returned to me,

The spark back in my eye.

The leather on my steed is

polished, sword is at my side.

Adding up the clues in

rumors that I have obtained.

I must find out the whereabout

and end this dragons reign.

I gather up my few possessions,

mount my faithful steed.

Hopeful eyes upon my back,

as my journey again proceeds.

My humanity couldn't break me.

My spirit is too strong.

I am The SpellBorn,

And I'm here to right what's wrong.

To Be Continued...

January 26th. 2021 ©

Pt. 4 - The Journey

I was riding through the woods,

over hills and heading East.

It was said, some village guards

had killed a mighty beast.

Fatigue set in, weakness

in the muscles of my steed.

My paper wet, Slådenfir

was all that I could read.

I stopped, and made a fire,

trapped a rabbit, found some grain.

Fastened leaves and branches to

protect me from the rain.

Life is dangerous, Now I

am a wanderer, and a vagrant.

Keeping up the mystery.

My life must stay a secret.

Staying out of sight by day,

and traveling at night.

Hearing what the townfolk say.

The rumors of my plight.

When the sun had disappeared

and it's power was no more.

Surrendering to Luna, and

the stars, t'were there before.

I rode into the village town,

Not a soul that I could see.

The stench of fear hung thick,

cautious eyes were upon me.

I came upon a village guard,

Adrenalin in his eyes.

He described the beast to me,

Enormous was it's size.

It's claws were razor sharp like

sickles, used to harvest wheat.

Earthly brown and blood red scales,

The wind were in it's feet.

'It took a band of 20 men,

Six were lost, 'Got Two men down.

Yes, I would advise you stranger,

Better off riding through this town'.

I nodded, but ignored the

warning that he gave to me.

I knew right then I needed

more, I could not leave this be.

I had to know the reason

there exists, this awesome beast.

It's early in the fall season,

As I keep traveling East.

My sword is sharp and deadly.

My arrows aim are true.

I am The SpellBorn.

My blood's the final clue.

To Be Continued...

January 27th. 2021 ©

Pt. 5 - The Seer

I was five days out, when I

came to a sudden halt.

Black smoke in the distance,

Another dragon assault.

It seems that my opponent's

got the better of me.

I pull my sword, dismount my

horse, as ready as can be.

As I search around, through

the smoke and the rubble.

My eyes fixate on shades

and shapes that look just like

the devil.

Life and death hang over me,

always pulling at my core.

I won't fall, and make the

same mistakes I made before.

Cautiously, I approach this

figure, sword tight in my grasp.

It motions for me to follow,

slithers away just like an asp.

When I stepped into the forest,

T'was so dark, I lost my way.

No ordinary way,

that I was led that fateful day.

My sword begin to glow the

fiery orange, within my steel.

I raised it up, illuminating

what darkness had concealed.

There stood before me, a withered man, blackness in his eyes.

Obtained magicka of shifting

shapes. Clever, his disguise.

That explains the whispers

In the towns around this grove.

I follow him short distance,

to his little hidden abode.

Dressed in ragged garments,

A black hood still hid his face.

He hadn't said a word, only

pointed to a leather case.

He ushered me to open it.

and inside, a dragon claw.

Beside it, lay a potion to cause

the dragon's heart to thaw.

'Use it on your weapon.

Unleash the power trapped within.'

The only words the seer had

spoke, and he was silent again.

Now I am complete.

My power's in my sword.

I am The SpellBorn.

I've come to save the world.

To Be Continued...

January 27th. 2021 ©

Pt. 6. - The Prophecy

I was riding hard to get some

distance from the storm.

My horse and I were in need

of a place that's safe and warm.

It's been a dozen sundowns,

since I've seen another soul.

I need some information,

and some good herb in my bowl.

Fortune seemed to smile

upon me, For it was not long.

I came upon a longhouse,

Filled with merriment and song.

Life for folks was simple here,

no worries and no fears.

I sat amazed at their innocence,

as I drank my beer.

I wondered 'bout their careless

ways, As if danger didn't exist.

Hypnotized by a maiden's sway,

of her beautiful hips.

When my gaze was broken by

the look she gave to me.

No ordinary look,

with eyes as green as the sea.

She beckoned me to come

with only a look from her eye.

We left the longhouse, down a

path to a cabin, warm and dry.

I never felt this tingling down

so deep within my soul.

I held her closely, as we kissed,

and started to disrobe.

The night I had was nothing

that this earth could ever give.

This beautiful delicate creature,

gave me another reason to live.

I woke to herbal tea, leg of goat,

and fresh made bread.

Then she combed my hair, and

with oil, anointed my head.

She gave me back my garments,

Freshly scrubbed, sewn, repaired.

She said she had a good surprise,

and I must be prepared.

I knew not of the words she spoke,

but trust was in my heart.

The last thing I remember,

Being pierced by a magic dart.

I woke confused... It was dark...

My eyes could barely see.

My new female companion,

brought me to the revealer of


My destiny unfolding.

My fate, I understand.

I am The SpellBorn.

The offspring of earth and man.

To Be Continued...

January 28th. 2021 ©

Pt. 7 - The Prophecy Cont.

I couldn't believe just what I

saw, when sight returned to me.

The figure that appeared before,

Revealed my prophecy.

He told me of the days of old,

when Dragons ruled the earth.

He helped me finally understand

the reason for my birth.

It seems, there was a battle

in a realm not of this world.

His gift of sight, Through all Their might, The Evil one was hurled.

Down amongst the mortals,

Separated from his heart.

He starts to age, so through

his rage, he tears this world apart.

My life had been created by a

Dragon's forbidden spell.

My humanity is from the earth,

My soul from the Dragon's Well.

I am the brother, bound by blood

to the creature that I hunt.

It is my final destiny, it is he

I must confront.

As he spoke, he presented a

shield, imbued with a magical hue.

He thoroughly explained to me,

just what this shield can do.

A spell of resistance to the

dragon's flames that burn and char.

Was cast upon this relic,

from the Dragons from afar.

I am not alone, there's ancient

eyes always watching me.

It's time for me to understand,

and embrace my destiny.

I knew deep down that I was

meant for Glory and for fame.

But I never grasped the Dragon

power, coursing through my veins.

The Council of Dragons.

Allegiance, I must swear.

It's in my blood, it's in my sword,

It's in the mark I bare.

I was left astonished after

everything I heard.

Concentrating, memorizing

each and every word.

My sorrow has now set me

free, my direction is quite clear.

I must go find my brother

Dragon, end his reign of terror.

'Without your heart, Ye shall

shurely die.

We cast you out, your end

is nigh.

The Council has spoken,

This is Our Decree.

Your punishment, death.

Your heart is the fee.'

My path, it has been chosen.

A final clarity.

I am The SpellBorn.

The brother of which hunts for me.

To Be Continued...

January 28th. 2021 ©

Pt. 8 - The Talisman

I had left the Prophet, and

the woman that I love.

It has been twelve nights of

riding, but all I'm thinking of.

That special night we shared,

keeps me tingling inside.

My mind is so consumed by

her, must focus on the ride.

The god of thunder, angry now,

He sends his storms our way.

My horse is hungry, my clothes

are grungy, I need a place to stay.

Life as a woodman, and a

hunter in a clan.

Everyday is dangerous, there's

beasts that roam this land.

Not far in the distance, I

hear bone and steel collide.

A battle's taking place, I rush

to take the clansmen's side.

I signaled for my steed to run,

and catch up to the scene.

I fix an arrow in the bow,

My guardian had given me.

I see by torch light, six men

Fighting, two are on the ground.

My arrows take flight, penetrating,

The beast then turns around.

I dismount quickly, eyes of pain

and anger lock on me.

It lunges forward, teeth are

stained from the last casualty.

Slashing with it's claws, my shield deflects it's powerful blows.

Countering it's gnashing, while

the clansmen set their bows.

Arrows strike into the back,

The beast it roars in pain.

I thrust my sword deep in it's

heart, and then I thrust again.

The men cried out in victory,

as they watched the monster fall.

We stood amazed by what was

measured more than twelve feet tall.

The constant threat had ended.

The clansmen's children, safe.

Their women free from worry,

of being hunted by the wraith.

No longer need protection.

The village will flourish again.

A little girl's infatuation,

gifted me The Talisman.

My sword, the heart of a dragon.

My shield, no flame can burn.

I am The SpellBorn.

The gift of language I have earned.

To Be Continued...

January 29th. 2021 ©

Pt. 9 - The Clansmen

I had been invited, given a

hut for the winter season.

I right then decided, it was

way better than freezing.

They also needed help restoring

food supplies, were stole.

I sat and talked amoungst the

wise, as we smoked a bowl.

A band of hunters needed

now, The season of the bear.

In the morning, we head out,

Anticipation in the air.

Life as a clansman, a farmer,

and a father.

Working for the common good,

to rear their sons and daughters.

Plow the earth, defend the

land from all forms of attack.

Prove your worth, string your

bow, and go hunt with the pack.

On the hunt, I soon became real

close with one of the men.

As a child, raised as a rouge,

I'm proud to call him kin.

He had lost his mum and pa

in a failed raid defense.

Clansmen found him in the woods,

He's been with them ever since.

His Name, Beatùs Aéllopous,

meaning Blessed with tempest feet.

My quiet friend with aim so true,

He's never known defeat.

Our hunt was long but bountiful,

Much needed meat and fur.

Feeling down and homesick,

Clansmen's ale was the cure.

We sat beside the fire, eating

wild rice and bear meat stew.

I told him of my journeys,

and the things that I must do.

We slept then packed, with loaded

carts, we made our journey home.

When we got back, with joyous

hearts, a celebration was thrown.

I stayed amoungst my new


The moon continues to rise

and fall.

How long shall the winter


Chill my bones, and muffle

the call.

My feet are getting restless.

My steed he wants to run.

I am The SpellBorn.

Am I to have a son?

To Be Continued...

January 29th. 2021 ©

Pt. 10 - The Messenger

I was packed and ready

when the land begin to thaw.

I did it slow, but steady,

Contemplating it all.

Thinking back on everything

The prophet said to me.

The night I fell in love would

bring the sweetest memory.

I think back on my gaurdian,

Who disappeared in fire.

I wish to see him once again,

I mourn that he expired.

Life renewed. Spring has sprung,

there's newness everywhere.

My steed astoud, A stranger comes,

There's mystery in the air.

The village alive with excitement.

The changing season will show.

As we die, we bring forth life,

the seeds of yesterday grow.

Beatùs, my new companion.

Joining me in my adventure.

He swore his eternal allegiance,

would go wherever I venture.

Through fog and rain. Heat and

cold... Valley's high and low.

I could always count on my silent

friend, there with his deadly bow.

I'm surprised to see him with

company. A stranger by his side.

The man said he had a message for me, with urgency he couldn't hide.

Sent by the Maiden, Shãrique...

Daughter of whom the sun doth shine.

'You better listen as I speak,

Go back and a son you will find.'

I couldn't believe my ears.

Deep down I knew it was true.

As the messenger departed he

grinned and he said, 'This is the

best thing to happen to you!'

My name is Dòryu Vínn.

The beginning of my kind.

I am The SpellBorn.

My legacy is my bloodline.

To Be Continued...

January 30th. 2021

Written by: Michael Taylor ©

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