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How heavy could possibly be the heart with perjury? After a stranger in an absurd cloth had run in my room saying that he was Anubis, god of death, my whole life turned upside down. Suddenly I had to throw away my life and went with him to the stupid Underworld. However Anubis didn't realise that this soul was soul of warrior which wouldn't give up so easily. God or not I sweared he'd have never taken me anywhere! But the oath is very fragile thing and could be easily misused...

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1.Step: Never ever invite strange visitors inside

written this guidebook for you to learn from my mistakes. It's serious! Please, avoide of all my mistakes what I've done. Maybe you think it isn't your case but you are very mistaken! It concerns all of us. However if you are these poor guys who've already run into this problem here is a manual how to survive it.

This horrible nightmare started in one normal evening. Don't laugh! I couldn't change the time when I've got known all bad news. I couldn't fall asleep. Day after it I should write a paper from Math and how an exemlary student (we haven't died out yet and I can proudly say we never won't) I didn't want my whole effort to be ruined only because of stupid tiredness. But you know that very well. When you try to fall asleep you will never manage it. And exactly this was my problem...

I covered up toughly with featherbed and smacked discontentedly. I wouldn't fall asleep till the morning by this progress. I turned over and close eyes again. I tried to clear my head but the more I wanted it, the less succesfull I was. I opened the eyes and looked to the darkness. What if I have forgotten something? Have I really learnt last unit? I didn't remember. Oh no! There were also formulas! I sat up soundly. I really didn't want to know what time was because it would make me only more stressfull. I took a deep breath. Maybe I should make a cup of warm milk for myself. Or cacao!

Suddenly the clapping sounded from somewhere. I frowned. For a while I was trying to focus on every sound but except ticking a clock I heard nothing. Did I imaginate it? For sure! Who would clap me in this time of night? But sound was repeated again. I froze. Maybe...Maybe that was only a hallucination. From the corner of my eye I looked at the door leading to a balcony. I'd knew it hadn't been a good idea to watch that horror! For sure it was happening only because of it. And they'd said I wouldn't remember it anyway! How could they possibly convince me to watch it? Now I could only regret that. With that thought I again closed my eyes and continued with my uneasy task. However clopping repeated again.

I sat up scaredly with eyes wide opened. A shadow glimpsed behind the curtains. I swallowed. My heart started loudly pounding. I got out of bed, grabbed the nearest book and quietly came in front of the balcony. I drew the curtain and scaredly jumped back.

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