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A lady named Mazing is living in Church of the NIghtmares where it is a custom to talk Crypticly. So no matter what she says it has to be scary to others. Sometimes she feels very scared and frighted to be there. The story is called. Nightmares, Unlocking the Truth.

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Church of the Nightmares reaching out

Mazing slept in her Church of the nightmares mansion for promiscuous ladies in her own locked room with out windows. She had awoken to the sound of crying and imagined the purposeful inducing of nightmares was effective. Sometimes she heard screams! All day they were given only scary news articles, movies and shows to watch. They were only allowed to make scary statements to one another and the Church overseers.

"Care for some cows blood, I hear the pastures of our rival religions in town are going mad." Some waitress said to her in the next door cafe. She had C.O.T.N. on a button on her shirt which she knew stood for Church of the nightmare. "Hey Mazing it is nice to see you, are you planning on taking your scary mask off any time soon?"

'I am not wearing a mask.' she thought ,' what a bully , Scarella is being to me."Cryptic comments never end! She said why can't I be in the church of Dreams, D.R.A.D.S Dream Recall And Dream Sharing!"

"If you don't calm down we'll have to send you out of the building to the dead trees Park near the cemetery for half an hour!

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