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romance between two step-brothers. will their parents find out? will their classmates find out? how long will they be able to keep their secret?

Drama Not for children under 13.

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Chris was on his way home from basketball practice when he ran into his step-brother, Derek. "watch it nerd!" Chris yelled while pushing Derek to the ground.

When they were finally home their parents weren't there. Derek went to get a snack and Chris was already in the kitchen and they reached the same way to grab some chips and suddenly made eye contact, they starred into each others eyes for about 2 minutes and they started to go closer to each other like magnets were pulling them together. Suddenly their lips touched and Chris placed Derek down on the counter and got on top. 10 minutes later Chris realized what was goin on and got up and said "uh.. this never happened okay?" "y-yes of course Derek said with a shaking voice. After dinner Derek was laying down thinking about what had happened with his brother and wondering if he was doing the same thing or even liked him.

The next morning the family was sitting down eating pancakes and bacon for breakfast even though it was really awkward between the boys, and then Derek's mother took Chris and Derek to school.

When Chris got to school he kissed his girlfriend Amara right in front Derek, Derek ran into the bathroom and started crying because he has feelings for his brother and he thought that Chris felt the same way. "WHY DOESNT HE LIKE MEEE!!!!!" screamed Derek. One of the popular kids, Jayden, Chris's bestfriend walked into the bathroom and said "you okay bro". Derek said "yea, i'm fine..." "ok whatever nerd" and Derek walked out of the bathroom with his watery eyes.

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