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She stops in her tracks and glances at Black-figure “You know what they say about you, Black Figure?”Black-figure snickers, “Tell me something I don’t know,” She makes her way over to the black figure, throwing her perfectly build figure around, and flipping her black shining pony to the other side. “That you kill for pleasure…” ---

Crime For over 18 only.

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“You do not have to hide in this house constantly Black, you can face the world as is.” Black peered at her soothing voice. “Do you see my skin? Without their blood, I have no choice but to hide.”

Her soft palms cuffed his icy cheekbones. “I know they will accept you as is.” She readjusted his jacket. “That nice detective was here this morning.”

He backed away from her. “What did he want?”

“He was just doing his job, asking questions, I did not tell him anything he did not need to know.” Black lifts his brow, looking at her. “You remember our pack; we do not split.”

Her fingers curled on her hips. “We are not a pack of wolves and I have no reason to split on you, but if you do not trust me—“

Black sighed while rubbing his eyes.

“I do trust you, forgive me.” She pulled him closer into a hug. “I understand your frustration baby brother; we will make this through like we always do—without them discovering us.”

He pulled away, turning around while folding his hands behind his back. “I should be honest, I do not know how much longer I can do this—I know we have the goals we need to complete, but this is draining me, and without their blood…”

She made her way before him, and her pale complexion turned slightly red, along with her pupils. “You are not backing out, are you?”

“No, no, I am not backing out, I do not break promises”

“Because just like you, black, I need their blood too, and if you back out, we are both deceased.”

“Please do not remind me…”

She chuckled, fixing a few strands of black hair on his head. “I just needed to make sure, so whom are we seeking?” He sighed… she heeled him to his office in the corner of the house.

A beautiful white-decorated room entered their view, Black relaxed on his white chair, focusing on the task at hand. “Found another member, two. Two different locations. Will it be possible for you to visit the second member?”

“Yes—you can count on me, Black.” He eyed her strictly. “Do not screw this up, Scar. You know this is important, and you also are aware if you leave any clues behind—they will have a lead on us.”

She waved him away with a crooked smile. “Calm yourself, Black. I am aware of that. I will not screw this up.”

“Guarded, top floor, room.” She grins. “Ooh… a challenge?” Black nodded toward her, “Be careful, Scar.” She shook one last glance, and disappear out the window.

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