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During the Summers of 2004 and 2005, in Houston, Texas and revolving around fourteen-year-old Grady Prescott and his family, this book includes a breakup with an ex-girlfriend, then another love with a new girlfriend who’s name is Jacklyn Holifield. Then some place during the book, Grady turns fifteen. Meanwhile, Grady and his girlfriend love each other very much. Also, while Grady and his girlfriend have annoying little siblings, Grady’s little brother Garey and Jacklyn’s little sister Nia. And yet, during the book, Grady and Jacklyn hang out with each other, while with Grady meeting Jacklyn’s parents.

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Chapter One

It’s going to be a wonderful summer, no matter what it takes. By the way, I am Grady Prescott, fourteen years old; I am five-foot-one-inch and I weigh ninety-eight pounds, and I was born at 6:57 p.m. on February 26, 1990.

It’s 2004 and I live in Houston, Texas, 29 South Rockwell St. Houston, TX 77267. I have a 10-year-old younger brother named Garey Prescott, four feet three inches tall and weighs sixty-four-point-eight pounds.

He was born at 6:25 p.m. on February 10, 1994, and also lives at 29 South Rockwell St. Houston, TX 77267. My Ma is Georgene Prescott, born at 9:51 a.m., on July 6, 1969 in Boston, Massachusetts. She grew up in her parents’ home at 13 North Birchwood St., Boston, MA 02118.

She is thirty-four, is five-foot-four inches, and weighs one hundred and five pounds, and Poppa is Gabriel “Gabe” Prescott, born at 12:31 p.m., born on November 18, 1966 in Pasadena, Texas, raised in his parents’ house at 9069 Hope Drive, Pasadena, TX 77503.

He is thirty-seven, five foot six inches, and weighs one hundred and sixty-four pounds. My family and I live in Houston, Texas, at 29 South Rockwell St., Houston, TX 77267.

I’m already going to my Freshman year of high school, and Garey’s going to his fifth-grade year in elementary school. It’s going to happen after the summer is over. But high school sucks. I’m still part of the trouble when someone gets me into it, huh, a bully?

That’s who it is.

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