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The world may be full of strife. But everybody wants peace, but the peace is as elusive as a strange cat. All religions and political ideologies talk of peace. This shows the peace is the most sought after and desirable state for all.

According to a web dictionary, Peace is A situation or a period of time in which there is no war or violence in a country or area. The state of being calm or quiet

Sometimes we get state of being calm and quiet but often not. Here we can introduce the inner peace. I think we all can differentiate between external and inner peace. There can be very peaceful atmosphere around us, but we may be agitated inside. Many ways have been suggested and applied to get inner peace, including Chanting the Shanti mantra by Hindus and chanting of god names and turning the rosary in other religions. These things will help to a certain extent.

Now let us examine the issue, according to our experiences.

Can we have peace when we have a fear?

Can we be peaceful, when we have worries?

In fact any negative thought, action, and feeling will not allow us to have a peaceful mind. For our inner peace it is essential to have a peaceful mind. For this we have to think and act rightfully and our conscience should be clear.

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