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Paranormal Legacy

My family has always gone through unusual situations, they are things without explanations, inexplicable events which seem to be transmitted from generation to generation...


This legacy began with my great-grandmother, who one day went to the river with her children. Everything was going well until one of the children arrived scared with his mother and told him

-Mom, a lady does not stop seeing us, she cries while she sees us- the boy said something curious

-Are you sure of what you're saying? - said the child's mother tiredly, who, answering her question, nods and points to a lady dressed in white, sitting on top of a rock with her hands on her lap, which upon feeling everyone's gaze , raised her veil and showed a face which left everyone frozen: at first glance she seemed to be a quite attractive young woman, but now she looked like a corpse.

My great-grandmother without thinking twice, ran out along with her children listening to how the cries and cries of that woman increased incessantly. My grandmother for her part, I avoid any memory of what happened believing it was a dream.


When my grandfather was little, he and his brothers were together in a stream playing like any child at that time.

-Look at that strange sheep- points a boy to the other end of the stream where a black sheep with goats', rooster's and dog's feet. Everyone was surprised to see that animal- Is it me or are its legs even weirder than its eyes? - says the child, being hypnotized by those red eyes which seemed to show so many emotions

-Hey clumsy sheep, take! - said one of the children throwing a rock towards the sheep which hit him right in the eye, causing him to go after the children- Run everyone, I gave him, I gave him! - said the boy scared his brothers

They ran for a long time until that sheep disappeared and the last thing they saw was a worker with red eyes, the same eyes as that animal.


My grandparents had three daughters, from whom my mother "inherited" that gift of seeing specters and everything related to the paranormal. Since she was little, my mother slept on the mattresses of dead people, and she always felt like someone or something sat next to her, as if she wanted to hug her.

-It's not true, you only imagine it Carmen- my older aunt said firmly to her sister- Maybe you are so tired that you imagine that

-It's true, I'm not lying- frustrated, she tried to convince her sister that she was telling the truth- If you don't believe me, sleep with me tonight

My aunt accepted and they slept together until they felt someone slowly lie down next to her. They slowly opened their eyes and could only see a figure lying next to them. The days passed and my mother began to receive strange visits, especially from women dressed in black looking for my grandmother. Hours later, my grandmother arrived and just as she arrived, she was going to perform prayers for a deceased who had just died.

That's all from my mom, although there are still many more stories and this would no longer be a story.

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To be continued...

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