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One over a billion days

And it was like that, as in any other day.

"Leave that world of dreams and lies. Put your feet on the ground." It spoke the commanding voice. "You must live in Reality".

So many times the Fantasy had heard words like those, that she without thinking too much she went to the window and thought about jumping.

She almost did it.

"Reality without me is nothing". She spoke from the threshold. "Like shadow and light. The two sides of being alive". She noticed the dawn of the morning.

"I only believe in the real thing". Assured the voice.

"So your life is incomplete".

She declared and smiling, she went down the ladder.

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The End

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Lumina Nix Caminando entre palabras no escritas.

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Lumina Nix Lumina Nix
My first try translating one of my writings. Thanks for reading. Lumina.
February 28, 2021, 19:14