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"I am a criminal! I Don't deserve Your Love!" "Your being a criminal can't stop me from loving you." "!!!!!" 'Your being a criminal can't stop me from loving you' this line keeps haunting her mind. She is thinking if he is crazy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 years ago, she lost her parents in an accident. Her family was rich but her uncle took all the money away and she was left poor. She didn’t have money. To forget About her parent's death, she started drinking too much. She was becoming more and more rude seeing her uncle. One day, her luck changed, she met a group of criminals called 'Team Red-feather'. From then, she started doing bad things like murdering people, stealing, selling people's dead body and etc. She was also kind of smuggler. Now... She is still the same. Bad person ever. She was very cold untill she met her dream guy. She never knew that her dream guy was the investigator who will investigate about 'Team Red-feather'! Her dream guy also didn't know that she was the Criminal he has been looking for! What will they do when they find out each other's real secret? Their love will die? There are some relationships which people don't want to exsist, they see those relationships in a bad way. To find out more... Read the book since the beginning till the end! ©All copyright reserved 2021

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Info about the story

Here are some infos you need to Know --

Name : Crime Investigation (He loved a criminal like me)

Genre : Horror & thriller , Romance

Main Characters : Elena (Girl), Alex (Boy), Dilara (Alex's mom), Brandon (Alex's father), Rustom (Elena's uncle) —

Elena is a girl and she is the criminal in this story. Alex is a boy and he is the Detective in the story. Let's learn about our main characters --

Elena : Elena is a Very cruel, Selfish, dangerous,

bad girl! She is Very bad in This story so don't comment about her Being so rude. This doesn't mean something against girls. Like I don't mean girls are very cruel or something like that. She is very bad because she was used to see her uncle like this and she also became like him. Her family was rich but her cruel uncle took all The money away after her parent's death. She was poor. She was looking for a job but couldn’t when she was just 14! Then she met a group of criminals. Their group is 'Red-feather'. They offered her to join their group. She can earn a lot of money. So she agreed. They wanted her to join their group because she was Very strong and good at fighting. From then, she started doing many bad and illegal things.

Now, 6 years passed. She is still in the group. She murdered a lot of people!!! She always walks in a disguise around to be saved from police. Dated a lot of guys before and still does.

Alex : A wealthy family's son. His parents are rich. Also a Detective. Always writes and Invastigates About criminals. Always keeps Himself in a disguise so no criminal can recognize him and so he can spy. He wasn’t into girls. He is like a an angel! The good person ever. He knew how to snatch out the good sides of people. He believed even a bad person has a good heart in themselves.

So here we learnt about our main characters! I am worming you It's very nerve-wracking and terrifying! It will have a emotions and terrifying ending.

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