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My life totally changed because of a story I ignored. ************** Ningzi, daughter of the Chu family, hated her Grandma's story for one thing. Her favourite character in the story died mysteriously. Torn by this fact, she decided to never listen to the story again. But what happens when she's being mocked by her sisters, just because she refuses to listen to the story. Anger takes control of her, as she makes a deadly wish. "If only I was Ye Ning, I would escape death at all cost..." She says dreadfully. But what happens when her wish is fulfilled. Will she be able to change Ye Ning's fate and escape death... Or Will death bring her back home?

Adventure All public. © Warning This book is purely inspirational and should be on no account recopied or reproduced elsewhere. Every thing in the story originates from the authors imagination....

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Chapter One

"Ahhh! "

I hate this story....

Ningzi sat down, facing the wall and from behind her, the only voice heard in the room was that of her Grandma's.

Her six siblings sat down patiently before her, they were drawn away by the story of the 'The Seven Princesses' .

Unlike them, Ningzi was always hesitant to listen to the story.

But before her certain grudge for the story, she loved it even more than her sisters. No one's love for it could be compared to hers. Her best character in the Story was Ye Ning. She was known as the Legend Princess of Atlanta.

The tragic thing about the Story was that Ye Ning died mysteriously. Being loved and respected by everyone in Atlanta, why would she die? The story didn't mention she had any enemies, she was the idol, every young maiden in Atlanta wanted to be like.

Ningzi was so frustrated because of the twist in her Grandma's story, so she decided to never listen to it again. She didn't even want to know how the story will end.

' What's the need of listening to a story whom the female heroine is dead...' She thought to herself.

Her Grandma paused the story and looked up at her granddaughter.

She remembered how Ningzi was so hyper and excited to listen to the story. Especially, when the Crown Princess had to be chosen, Ningzi placed a bet on Ye Ning, to win as the Crown Princess.

But all that changed when Ye Ning died. Her Grandma didn't know how to console her, she knew it was just a story but Ningzi took the story to heart.

It was like the story was part of her...

" Ningzi...why don't you come and listen to the story.." Grandma said. Her sisters turned to face her, with eyes burning with anger, they were in the most interesting part of the story, before the interruption.

"Grandma I'm not interested! " I snapped.

"You always say that, won't you ever change.."

"Come on Ningzi, you can't miss the most interesting part.."

"Don't you get it? I'm not interested..." said Ningzi, as she angrily faced her sisters,who were all disgusted with her attitude.

"Let's give her a moment, we shouldn't force her..."

"After all she's an adult, she has the right to make her own decisions."

These seven siblings were all born on the same day but not at the same time. The first to be born was Ningzi, so she had a pretty faster way of reasoning and managing situations. She was very resourceful and smart. But when it came to this story, she had always wished she could change Ye Ning's fate.

"Ning...I won't force you but you're welcome anytime you're ready to listen to the story..." Grandma said looking desperately at Ningzi.

"Grandma, let's take on with the story..."

"Children...its bedtime already" said the gorgeous woman who walked into the scene. Though she was young, she had given birth to seven beautiful girls, who were the pillar of her life. She raised themall by herself. The father of the seven girls died in an accident just before they we're born.

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Hi to my dear readers, hope you enjoyed my first two chapters...if you then I would like your comments on it . If I don't get your feedback, I may not be able to release more chapters sooner, but with your encouragements, I will push ahead to be able to update my chapters on time and even before time. Thanks
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