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In this chapter we learn about the birth of Fuxbin and you never know, in the next chapter he may run away! 😲🤗🙂

Paranormal Lucid Not for children under 13. © No copyright will be charged if my story is coppied x

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The birth of Fuxbin

In a doll factory is furthest China, a few blocks over sit a normal teddy bear factory.

In a normal wherehouse, in a normal machine flown melted plastic waiting to go into it's reused, metal moulds for the bears' eyes and nose, ran a few drops of physco's blood and none noticed it in the melted, peach coloured, syrupy mix.

Moreover, in the fur filled fantastic furby frantic factory's delivery of fur. Lay a crisp faction of Jason's bone, and as they are both (the fur and bone) are white it's not noticed! A few weeks after constructing the bears they sit on the dusty shelf's in the back of the Toys R us wherehouse wiring to be put on display! What will happen next? Well, later on in the night, a glow sparked in Fuxbin's eyes. Will we ever know?

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To be continued...

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