coytexae Sleepy Xae Caninari

"a little aventure with friendships and hopes,learning a new world,they team up for discovery this unknown world" coyfiles:TFP it's a remake of wolfiles and old-ish story from 2019 and it was horrible and this story doesn't made me satisfied so i cancelled

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on canada a group of scientists found a strange coyote deadly possessed and the scientists take the coyote to the lab and discovered that hes was a very old mutant but coincidentally a other group find a hybrid that was a mutant too,so the boss came and had a idea:

“mix both of them and this will make... A NEW SPECIES”

so,they did it..and it’s called “coyatex 533-60”


there’s a teenager...called gizelle and she lives in an apartment with her cousins,until one day,gizelle was returning to the apartment until a needle was injected or shot into her neck,but she felt no pain and put the needle in her backpack and kept walking


-i will..go to the park now,so...bye

and gizelle arrived at the park it was already 9:29pm,but at the moment she feels strange,looking at her hands,they,were white and had fur that cannot be removed. until the transformation was done,she didn’t howl...she just cried because she don’t know what she transformed into,and later she was thinking about a new name.

- wait i have an idea…”sleepy xae wolfinari”.


-it’s better I go to sleep. It's kinda late now.

sleepy got a weird dream...she was in a dark place and almost no one around,just one… it was gizelle who walked slowly approaching sleepy and them she stopped walking and touched her hands and she woke up

-AAAAAAAH!...what the-...hell

She goes to the kitchen,drinks water and then goes back to sleep.

on the other day at lunchtime,sleepy found a gazelle alone and then sleepy approached it.

-hi!,my name is sleepy and what’s yours?

-hello,mine is colye,and how’s it going?

-well...just yesterday i had a strange dream

-yeep! and can you tell me how it went?

-well...not so much,but i remember some things...I was alone in a strange place with no one around and then I despaired and ran away but this place was infinite...and the rest I don't remember so well.

-oh! okay…

-hey colye! i got some ideas...oh! Who are you fluffy fur?

-my name is sleepy,and i got-

-well,mine is janny and what a coincidence...i think

-well so good to meet you you guys but i gotta go so bye.



When sleepy goes home she met some policemen and she asked what had happened he said that a fox from the islands was run over,sleepy got scared and went back to the apartment and stayed in her room.

“well everyday is(isn’t) a normal day...not really”

on the other day in class someone called flippy was making sleepy freak out,sleepy punches her and they started fighting and one of the students tried to separate them and managed.

sleepy run away and goes to a private place.

-w-what the hell was that?

-it’s your mind...and your demon.


appears some kudu horns and black fur (that’s means she’s nervous or her predatory instincts)

*weird noise *

-so... what do you think?

-ha...ha...good...very good…

she turns back to normal and returns to the apartment and stays,in the night of the same day flippy was walking alone until sleepy attacks(kills) her.

-well...that’s my first and last victm…

and she goes back to the apartment at 2:00 am in her room she feels that something is making her uncomfortable(panic disorder) she takes her clothe and starts to scratch her mouth to the neck and suffering of pain(took some 5 minutes)

on the other day sleepy was tired on the class. janny saw sleepy and approaching-it.

-hey sleepy...are you okay?

-maybe...because i got a lot of things to do...but i don’t want to tell yo why.

-hm.that’s can we drink coffee or tea in the lunchtime?


in the lunchtime sleepy,janny and colye was on polarbucks

-so… i think that my “predatory instincts” is a’s this true?’s hard to say it if is true or if doesn’t cuz the most of carnivores don’t have(in my experience)


he feels that something isn’t right but he stays in the box but their body it’s half black

some weeks before 4/26

-so...sleepy ...are you think on something right now?

- i...don’t know and you?

-just thinking that i can touch the stars

-ha. that’s cute! but in what way?

-to explain,looking it closer


-i...want to ask you something...can you feel or see the stars?

-well i just see but i don’t feel them.

-okay...see the stars and tell… me what do you see?

* sleepy looks *

-i see you and me...playing or something...and right now...i feel emocional.

-please don’t cry… because if you cry i will cry too…

come here…

you want to sleep in my house or in your apartment?

-well maybe in your house,i will text to my cousin.

-all right,so here we go!

on 4/26 they started the adventure

-woohoo! i’m so excited!

-hea hea it’s good to see you guys like that.

well i think i know where we going.

-wait,what you mean “i think”? you as a dog can already know what direction we are going

-i know...wait let me see...oh it’s right there

-all right! so-

-here we go!

and they walk for hours untill the sky gets dark

-it’s better with we sleep here...cuz we are tired and it's getting dark


they talked and sleep but one of them listened something weird

in the other day…

-G-guys!! i think i listened something weird on yesterday…


-and how those sounds look like? sounds like someone was running in the florest.

-and do you know how he’s look like?

-no…but i think it was you…



-C-COLYE...WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO YOU?? I-IT WASN’T ME...i’m pretty sure it wasn’t...d-did you t-trust me?


-(w-what the hell is happening here?...I’m so scared to talk)


colye feels something and she look on the side and saw her spirit as a kid walking on the florest,it feels like she was scared about something

-(who's this kid?’ don't remember this scene in my memory...and i never saw it’s seems that she’s alone)

colye leaves “sleepy” and walk where the kid was going until it gets blurry,Colye collapses...janny and sleepy goes to where colye on.


-as i know she was following something and then falls

-it could be a ghost?

-maybe... but we don’t know...yet…

-oh! you’re awake!

-it did something happend?

-*sigh *I’m sorry if i scared you,but... you almost kill me but we think that you saw a ghost falls

-i’ll walk i little for find some food.


30 minutes later

-why sleepy is late? she should be here right now.

-don’t you better investigate or try to find her?

-yeah! we should try

*janny flys and in some moment she found her *

-...oh my god...hey! i found her she’s right here where i on!

-I’m coming!

*colye runs where janny is at the moment

-!...sleepy!...please sleepy don’t die...I-I’m here…

-(hm.,it seems that sleepy soul is on a unknown place,but...i don’t want to tell colye that her soul is lost but it could be.)

*sleepy wakes up *

-w-where am i?

*sleepy walks slowly on the place *

-... this place it’s familiar...i’s from that dream…

- did you remember me? you before being a hybrid? do you still here? shouldn’t be here...w-why?

-why? *laughs * oh don’t know nothing don’t you? i’m just a ghost that was forgotten and fall into this place…

-hm. ..what time is It?

-well lets say that it's 9 months


*Sleepy rans away but it gets tired and falls *

-you can't can't…

*Sleepy starts to cry *

Normal life, with the machines scattered around the room

Look what they made, they made it for me - a happy life

We'll never leave, look at us now, so we like the way we are...

*sleepy cries a lot until she feels something strange on her *

-W-what is this? i fading on ashes?

*sleepy starts to run *


*everything gets in silence and sleepy gets normal *


*The screen glitches and switches to a another screen *

-t-that's no way to get out of here...p-please...i want help...a-and I’m going insane...seriously...and i found this in somewhere here…

-but you won’t get out of here so easy… i get out of here?

-knowing the name of this Place and what It means.

-... alright... unknown?


-... limbo... because you Said you was Forgotten and falls here.

-the name is correct now What's the reason why you're here.

-... it's because of my predatory instincts made me like a monster but i'm Just want to live a normal life... seriously…'s a good explanation,and it's real…

*A portal opens *

-wait,are you-...

-yep! god...t-thank you so much!

*when Sleepy enters into the portal...she wakes up on her room *


*She get out of her room and she saw her friends *

-sleepy? It's really you?

-it really is Sleepy!

*Colye Runs to hug sleepy *

-i'm sorry for what happened... it's just my mind get out of con-

-don't worry... Besides we are here now... together…as we should…

extra scene

later that sleepy tells how she was feeling

-and then it was 9 months passed awa-

-wait how it was 9 months if it was only 5 hours? and how did you almost die?

-to be honest i don’t know...i collapsed…and i got this lucid dream..cuz i don’t know if it was real or if it wasn't…

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