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Cassie Smith is a little girl who is very mentally sick. Her parents struggle to deal with her insanity as she grows up but it only gets worse as she's defiant in therapy and reaches the toxic age of 12 and 13 in middle school, where the other children are ruthless.

Drama For over 18 only.

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A Little Demon is Born

Cassie Elly Smith, born February 27th, 2004, has a brain rather... "different" compared to the masses to say the least. Her parents, Elizabeth and Tommy, never would have guess what would become of their little girl.

The first telltale sign happened when she exited the womb. She was not crying. Everyone thought it was a miscarriage at first, but Cassie's breathing and heartrate was completely normal. It turns out, this was extremely rare but, according to the doctors, "nothing to be worried about."

If only they knew... Cassie's poor soul.

Opposing the first instance, Cassie was a very demanding baby, crying constantly for this, this, and that. It wasn't until toddler-hood that her parents began to suspect that something had gone horribly wrong during her development.

Cassie was constantly abusing animals, hitting pets and whatnot. She would rip off the heads of the dolls and stuffed animals gifted to her. Cassie had also been known to run around screaming for no apparent reason. It was then that she was dubbed "a little demon" by various family members and babysitters. Her parents did not approve of the title, but they had to face reality and deal with it themselves as no one else wanted to be around Cassie, ruling out babysitting.

It's fine, Elizabeth and Tommy would tell themselves.

This phase would pass with age anyway... or so they thought.

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